An Interview with Dan Greathouse: OnLine Fundraiser

Apr 15, 2013 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –


  1. Dan I understand you are involved with a singing group called “Spiritual Journey”. First of all, who are the members and where do you perform?

Yes, I have been involved with a Christian singing group called Spiritual Journey since about 1999. The members of the group include Lonnie Berry, De Anna Davis, Linda Jeffries Erdmann, Pam Preston, and myself.

  1. Have you recorded anything and where would our readers be able to find it?

Although we have done numerous digital home recordings, our very first professionally recorded and released single is “Mother’s Prayer” which can be found on iTunes and Amazon. We chose this song because of the emotional reactions we have seen in the faces of our audiences over the years we have performed. It is a very moving song with a very special message.

  1. Are there significant challenges in performing this type of music-how do you say- a capella ? Is that the correct term?

Although there are some songs we perform a cappella, the majority of our songs have background music, which we compose, arrange, and sequence. When we were younger, we carried musical instruments around, but we have found that background recorded music supports our five vocal ensemble nicely and saves our backs. Of course, on the a cappella songs, the pitch pipe is essential.

Although the group always insists on me starting our a cappella version of “Amazing Grace” without the pitch pipe. Sometimes, I receive disapproving, but loving, looks from my fellow singers when I either start too high or too low. I suspect they insist on me starting without the pitch pipe just to get a good laugh.

  1. Besides your work with this group, you have done some ” grand piano ” as I hear. Is that tape still available for people who prefer quiet Christmas music?

Yes, I recorded a Christmas CD several years back, entitled “Grand Christmas.” I will be making plans to put it on iTunes within the next few months, in preparation for the 2013 Christmas season.

  1. How you often perform at nursing homes and hospitals and for the homeless. What are the benefits to you personally in terms of doing this?

We usually perform about once per month on average at nursing homes and churches, especially for senior citizen groups, as we frequently do our own arrangements of traditional hymns. During the Christmas holidays, our performing schedule usually steps up to at least one or more performances a week. We recently did a fund raiser for a young woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a tragic boating accident. All proceeds go to those in need when we perform for benefits.

  1. Do you advocate or try to proselytize for any organized religion, or as they say ” it’s all about the music”?

Although we are all members of protestant Christian churches, we do not advocate or proselytize for any organized religion; however, we do insist on carrying the message of healing, forgiveness, and salvation through Jesus Christ with our music.

  1. What have I neglected to ask?

How has the advent of digital music distribution and social media changed things for you? Well, we used to physically produce and label CD’s and we were only known by local word of mouth and actual posters that were strategically located, all of which were time-consuming efforts. Modern technology has freed us up to focus more on writing and performing the music we love so much.

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