An Interview with Dave Girgenti: Wish Upon A Hero

Mar 7, 2012 by

Michael Shaughnessy –

1)     David, can you first tell us a bit about yourself and then your organization?

I’m a New Jersey native. Prior to starting Wish Upon A Hero I worked as a graphic designer and moved up to a creative director at an ad agency. Wish Upon A Hero is the largest social helping network. It connects people in need with those who can help. Think of it as the Facebook of Philanthropy.

2)     How did you come up with this idea?

The idea began on the days following September 11th. I wanted to help out, but as a graphic designer I wasn’t sure what I could do or how I could do it. When I saw all the missing love ones posted on the building walls in New York City, it occurred to me that there has to be a more efficient way of finding missing people. A few year later, Hurricane Katrina cause massive devastation in New Orleans. Hurricane victims needed food, water, clothing and medical supplies. I realized the same online system of helping can be used for every cause. Everyone has a wish. Anyone can be a hero.

3)     What are your funding sources if any?

Since my background is in advertising, I based the business model on advertising and marketing. We generate revenue from 2 main sources. First, traditional online banner advertising and second affiliate sales. Affiliate sales happen when someone makes a purchase from a link on our website.

4)     It seems that the number of needs for special needs students always seems to be increasing—any insights?

As the economy fluxes, the population’s needs tend to change. Many times special needs programs and equipment are affected from this change. If funding is cut or donations are not be as strong as they once were, those programs need to find alternate means of support.

5)     Tell us about your current project to supply a transport vehicle…I assume the vehicle needs  hydraulic lifts ?

It’s tough enough to give students everything they need to ensure a quality education. Imagine how difficult it is for special needs kids. Not only do they need the right educational tools, but they need the right vehicle just to get around. We partnered with Toon Ups to help raise money and awareness to purchase a van for a special needs daycare in California. Now people can play a game online, that will help people in the real world.

6)     How can individuals help or contribute.

There’s 2 very easy ways to help. First, you can go to and make a donation directly. OR you can visit facebook and play “A Better World” to raise money for this great wish.

7)     Do you have a web site where interested donors can learn more?

To learn more about the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation you can visit

8)     What have I neglected to ask?

Wish Upon A Hero makes it easy for people to give and get help. You do not need to be Bill Gates to change someone life. Our platform allows individuals to send money, gift cards, items they already have, donate a service or even send a pick me up card.

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