An Interview with Eddie Upnick: Time Will Tell

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Michael F. Shaughnessy –

1) Eddie, you have just written a fantastic novel about time travel. How did this come about?

In 1995, while on vacation in Antiqua, I met a man named Sidney Dowse.  Sidney worked in secret operations before World War Two broke out.  Working for Stewert Menzies (the head of MI-6, British Intelligence), Sidney told me stories that were not in any history book.

One of these stories was of two men that came into British command headquarters in July of 1939, offering to improve the fledgling British radar system and to break the German Enigma codes, which they did in 15 minutes using some kind of hand-held devices.

Menzies asked these men if they were German defectors, and was told; “No, we are here to make sure a certain future doesn’t happen.”  Then, one of the two men handed Menzies a piece of paper with 19 names on it.  Menzies was told that all of these 19 names were of German spies working in England.

The two men left as quickly as they had arrived, Menzies had these 19 people followed for two weeks and determined that they were indeed German spies, and had all 19 secretly killed.  Menzies later told Sidney Dowse that HE believed that these two men might have been time travelers from the future, which was the trigger story to the writing of my first book in the trilogy, Time Will Tell.

2) What is it about time travel that seems to fascinate readers?

I think everyone with imagination is fascinated by time travel. From the earliest Twilight Zone episodes through today’s Science Fiction television shows and movies, a good time travel story is the best form of pure escapism. I call my writing style, reality based Science Fiction. Time Will Tell, the sequel, Future Tense, and the final book in the trilogy, 2052, will take readers on a page turning fast paced ride they will not want to get off.

3) Now, why is there this perverse interest in Hitler? Is he the personification of evil ?

I think that people just can’t understand what made Adolph Hitler so evil, so they like to read anything they can about his life.  At first in the early 1930’s Hitler did turn Germany around economically, however, his vision of German dominance over the planet took hold of him.

4) You have some religious overtones tossed into your book- any particular reason?

I have always felt that there are powers in the Universe that exist, and perhaps from time to time, in special instances, we humans may be touched by them. There are too many coincidences to my mind for this not to be so.  I do believe however, that God may not get directly involved with humans.  As “Time Will Tell” theorizes, there are many levels of advanced beings between humans and God.  As in a corporation that you work for, you may have three bosses above you, before you reach the man who signs your paychecks.

5)  Where did you get the idea about space aliens ? And how do they figure into this entire picture?

I grew up with three people who went into “Black Ops”.  Two of these friends worked at Groom Lake (Area 51), and on occasion they shared a few stories with me.  Some of these stories, let’s say, made the alien’s on Earth theory more plausible.

6) What happens to some critical figures- Churchill for example?

The stories about Churchill are all 100% true, according to Sidney Dowse.   Reality based Science Fiction is what I call these books.  The hidden/lost history was the main reason I wrote Time Will Tell.  I didn’t want these true stories lost forever.

7. What was Hillman’s last request?

Hillman’s last request was to have Jeff come see him before he died.  The character of Jeff obviously had his reasons not to see him, but he decided to go in the end.

8)  Now, where exactly is Bayside New York and how does this figure into the story?

Bayside, NY is in Eastern Queens County.  The only way my home town worked into the story was when they went to the Blue Bay dinner for breakfast.  This diner still exists today.

9. How can interested readers get a copy of this book?

The best place to purchase these books is through my web site links. links to reviews and Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Create Space.  All three books are available on the Kindle or in paperback.

Time Will Tell be also be available as an audio book in a week or so, with Future Tense and 2052 to follow in the next month.

10. What have I neglected to ask?

Michael, your interview was very thorough.  I would only say to your readers that these books are a fast, entertaining, and informative read.  Fun books to read that teach something along the way were always my favorite reads.  Hopefully, I’ve hit that target with Time Will Tell; Future Tense; and 2052.

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