An Interview with Glenn Llopis: As We approach the next election…

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Glenn Llopis Chairman- Glenn Llopis Group, Founder- Center for Hispanic Leadership

Michael F. Shaughnessy

1)    Glenn, first of all, what is your exact title and could you tell us a bit about your education and experience?

Founder/CEO – Center for Hispanic Leadership.      I am a graduate of UCLA and spent the first 15 years of my career in the food & beverage industry where I was a senior executive at Sunkist Growers and American Seafoods leading strategy and business development.   I also launched a successful food business (Luna Rossa Gourmet Foods).    The past 10 years have been dedicated to being an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and business consultant best known for promoting what I call “the immigrant perspective” and serve as a voice on issues regarding the advancement of Hispanics in the United States.   You can learn more at:

2)    Now, tell us about this Center with which you are involved?

The Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) is focused on the professional growth and talent development of Hispanic employees through the use of culturally tailored curriculum that helps participants see the potential of their cultural roots to enable higher levels of workplace performance.   CHL helps Fortune 500 organizations unlock opportunities for talent development and business development by giving Hispanic leaders and Hispanic customers a voice.   CHL’s approach to building leaders and building brands – interconnected are dependent on each other.

 3)    Now, what is this Hispanic Training center and what services will you be providing?

Hispanic Training Center will be the first and only interactive online video-based training platform to provide culturally relevant and affordable online education for Hispanics.   Latinos are more likely than other Americans to watch online videos, but there hasn’t been much of an effort to develop special content for them — until now.

This online learning environment will give Hispanics the opportunity to get certified in the areas of Leadership, Career Advancement and Entrepreneurial Skills.   The Certification Program is designed to teach Latinos how to bridge their culture into developing skills that will naturally enable leadership, career management and entrepreneurial success.  Hispanic Training Center’s technology interface will also feature gaming and social media features to provide a unique educational experience to further engage Latinos to be more eager about learning and advancement.

Hispanic Training Center will also offer course curriculum that specifically aims to educate non-Hispanics about the value that culture can bring to workplace performance.  In particular, how to best optimize the productivity of their Hispanic employees by enabling their talents in the right work environments, functions and responsibilities.

4)    Let’s talk jobs- we have a real problem with unemployment, and the jobs seem to be in computers, technology, electronics and medical technology. Is there a disconnect with the Hispanic Community?

The STEM areas have historically been a challenge for Hispanics.  However, as the younger generations have shown to be early adopters of the internet, social media and mobile devices – this is starting to infuse confidence in the community that they can find success and build careers in the STEM areas.

However, regarding the industry – Hispanics will find greater success once they begin to trust that their culture can serve as a competitive advantage in the workplace as both leaders and entrepreneurs.   This is one of several reasons why Hispanic Training Center was designed – to outreach and align its platform with established groups in the Hispanic community like LISTA – who are focused on the advancement of Hispanics in technology.

5)    In terms of small businesses- what I hear is that small business owners are terrified to hire new people as they are apprehensive of taxes, medical care, and paperwork. Will your organization be taking a stand in the next election?

CHL is a non-partisan organization – but our voice will be heard.   We believe that it’s time for the rest of America to recognize that Hispanics are a growing economic force that can serve to help reignite U.S economy and create jobs.   As such, Hispanics must begin to take a more active role in policy making, education and economic recovery plans.   Hispanics are a vibrant community whose unique talent and perspectives can elevate the United States’ global competitiveness – if given the opportunity to enable their innate skills and characteristics.

6)    Values, attitudes, philosophies, all seem to play a part in hiring and firing practices. Are there any values which you or your organization espouse and do they connect with the hiring officials across the United States?

At CHL our research shows that Hispanics inherently possess six natural characteristics that stem from our cultural values – and heavily influence the way we think, act and innovate.   These six characteristics serve as the foundation of what we teach at Hispanic Training Center and what every hiring official should be more aware of when working with Hispanics.

·         Our immigrant perspective allows us to see opportunity in everything.

·         We are efficient at anticipating the unexpected.  We are comfortable with change.

·         Our passion allows us to be potent pioneers

·         Entrepreneurship is a way of life.  Innovation comes second-nature.

·         We work with a generous purpose.

·         We embrace the promise of culture and now how to preserve culture.

8) What have I neglected to ask about you, your organization or your position?

Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) will be launching its Hispanic Training Center on August 6, 2012, the first and only and as consumers who can help influence how organizations build their brands. According to CHL Founder, Glenn Llopis, “As Hispanics, we are quickly waking up to the need to hold on to our cultural values and use them for leverage as we reach for success. Hispanic Training Center will be the game changer that will unite, empower and expand our voices and develop authentic Hispanic leadership in America – at a time when the United States needs all Latinos to have an identity that matters and that contributes in new meaningful and purposeful ways to the economy.”

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