An Interview with J. Warren Lloyd: Professor NERD & the Mysterious Buried Treasure

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Professor NERD and the Mysterious Buried Treasure by [J. Warren Lloyd]

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

  1. First of all, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your education and experience?

Michael, here is the author bio I have in the book, but below that are some more facts:

Born on the planet Xoarth many years ago, J. Warren Lloyd was chosen to lead an exploratory expedition to the planet Earth. She developed a fascination for the inhabitants of this strange new world. Intrigued with the extraordinary ability of mankind to survive and even thrive through extreme perseverance, she witnessed many of their amazing achievements, especially those accomplished through teamwork.

She became enchanted with New Mexico. White Sands and the desert mountains are her favorite places. Santa Fe and Albuquerque draw her like a magnet. The diversity of its lands encouraged a creative spirit in her, and she found herself teaching at one of the colleges where she continued to observe the brilliance of students until retirement.

Today, you will often find her traveling, writing, and taking photographs wherever she goes. She has adopted many of Earth’s remarkable creatures through the years (cats, dogs, chickens, hogs, cattle, goats, and horses).


I taught Media Art for 20 years at Clovis Community College and served as the division chair for the Fine Art/Communication department for seven years before retiring. Those were the best years of my life! Time truly flies when you love your work.

Retirement has been equally rewarding, though. My husband, Roy, and I are now working on that bucket list of places to visit.

I received my bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech, my master’s from West Texas A&M, and my doctorate from New Mexico State University.

Writing a novel is vastly different than writing lesson plans and assessment measures. I fell in love with New Mexico long before I started teaching there and I wanted to write a book to share all the enchantment and mystery that encompasses New Mexico.

2). Professor NERD and the Mysterious Buried Treasure – what is this about?

New Mexico is truly enchanted, and downright mysterious, often bordering on bizarre. Everyone knows aliens landed in the desert near Roswell in 1947. But strange things have always happened there.

Two nerdy, but fearless, twelve-year-old foster twins, Clay and his sister, Dolphyn, are sent to an extraordinary school in New Mexico. Intrigued, they and their new friends form their own tribe. They also meet Professor NERD and other brilliant instructors, while surrounded by futuristic inventions. Unusual animals with beneficial powers befriend them and secretive coded messages from an untraceable source haunt them.

Overcoming obstacles, breaking a few rules, and helping friends along the way, the twins discover a shocking truth.

Become enchanted with the weird world of Professor NERD in this debut series by author J. Warren Lloyd and watch for the second in the series to be arriving soon.

  1. Tell us about Professor NERD- what does she teach?

Professor NERD is the president of United Republic University (URU) in New Mexico where the students are sent to. Her true name is Dr. En. The students see a name plaque on her desk spelled in capital letters: DR. EN. In a mirror on a wall it reflects as NE.RD. Everyone begins calling her Professor NERD. It becomes a term of endearment and since she is such a likeable character, the students say it is an acronym for Neo Echo Radical Dame.

  1. Now–the buried treasure- without giving away the surprise ending- who buried what and when and why?

The students receive untraceable messages on their laptops telling them to look for a buried treasure. Everyone knows there are treasures in New Mexico. They hoped to find gold left by Spanish Conquistadors, but instead find a treasure far different.

  1. What other short stories or children’s books have you written?

This is the first novel I’ve completed and am currently working on books two and three in the series. I do have a children’s picture book in the works but want to finish the Professor NERD series first. I have written many short stories and screen scripts through the years. I hope to make an anthology of them at some point. The short stories have been an excellent way for me to hone my novel writing skills.

  1. It seems everyone has a book inside them- how difficult is it to get them out and published?

In college, we tell our students to find a study buddy. Just finding a group of like-minded students to work with and study with will add greatly to their chances of finishing college. I have found the same to be true of almost anything, including writing. There are some wonderful writer’s groups in Lubbock that offer encouragement. Working with others who have similar goals keeps me plugging along. After I retired, I was also lucky to take some fun creative writing classes from the best instructors in the world at Clovis Community College.

I’m an active member of the Write Right Critique Group and The Caprock Writer’s and Illustrators Alliance (CWIA). I write a monthly article for the CWIA newsletter. I am co-liaison for the Lubbock chapter of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and work with many area authors to keep the spark alive, especially during the month of November. Until the Pandemic, I met every Wednesday morning with the Morning Author’s Group (MAG), a group of writers. We critiqued, read aloud, and shared ideas over coffee and breakfast.

I’m also active with the West Texas Watercolor Society and the Lubbock Chapter of the Urban Sketchers. I have already started illustrating my picture books and my artist friends offer encouragement and insights with their gifts.

Years ago, I was lucky to meet Jack Williamson (the master of the science fiction genre) at a book club. He wrote Science Fiction until the day he died. I was encouraged by his personal story. I hope to create the same intrigue for my readers as he gave his readers.

  1. How has this COVID-19 thing impacted you personally? And do you have any plans to write about what you have experienced?

I lost a very dear friend to COVID-19. You may have known her. Carol Durepos lived in Clovis until about ten years ago. She had moved to be closer to her son in Chicago. She was an incredibly creative character and one of my favorite people of all time. Everyone should have someone in their life like Carol who offers unconditional encouragement and hope. This pandemic has given me some ideas to put into book three of the Professor NERD series.

  1. Do you have a web site where we can learn more about you and your other books?

My website is currently under construction, but you will be able to go to it soon at:

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