An Interview with James Lee: Loup-Garou: The Shape Changer Chronicles

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Michael F. Shaughnessy –

1) Jim, I understand that you have been hard at work- promoting some of your books- can we start with the first one- Loup-Garou- The Shape Changer Chonicles- what is it all about?

Loup-Garou: The Shape Changer Chronicles is a tale of obsession and betrayal as a restless married man seeking freedom finds himself ensnared in a supernatural battle for his heart, mind and soul when he meets Monique, an exotic dancer with a big secret:  She prowls the night as a werewolf.    

2) Who are the heroes and is there conflict? Good vs Evil?

There is no hero or villain because the major characters are combinations of good and evil.  They pursue their goals and deal with their obstacles, often in opposition to each other.  There is plenty of conflict in the opposition and in the struggle of goal versus obstacle. 

3) Where is this set? Past, present or future?

It is set in Salt Lake City in 1983.

4) Are there authors that inspire you- in terms of genre?

There are many authors that inspire me to grow in my craft.  These authors write in many genres.  Some of them are well-known as writers in a specific genre, and some are known for writing in more than one genre.  I am presently writing in more than one genre, but that may change in the future.  

5) Is there a certain age range that this book is for?

It is intended for adults.

6) Are there surprises- Like Frank Stockton’s “Lady or the Tiger”? Or O.Henry’s surprise endings?

Oh, yes.  I love to put twists and surprises in my novels.  Sometimes I giggle at the endings when no one is looking.

7) What are you currently working on?

I am working on the second draft of a horror novel called A Gathering of Evil.  It takes place in Los Angeles with characters who work in the movie industry.  I recently finished the first draft of a modern dystopian treatment of the old German Faust legend.  This novel has the working title of The Fear Machine.  It is about a president of the USA who legally and constitutionally takes office without ever being elected president or to any other office.  

8) Do you have a web site where  people can learn more about you and your work? 

My web site is currently being put together.  In the meantime, anyone interested in my work can email me at  I have two published novels that are available now.  For more information about Loup-Garou: The Shape Changer Chronicles, search Google with Lou-Garou by Jim Lee.  For more information about Brotherhood of the Streets, search Google with Brotherhood of the Streets by Jim Lee.  Both books are available in book stores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple iTunes and other places.  

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