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An Interview with Kathleen Morrissey: Who are Walter and Mike and Why are they saying those things about them?

May 19, 2013 by

Walter and Mike Get Their Own Fun Park Pool to Play InMichael F. Shaughnessy –

1.)  Kathleen, first of all tell us about yourself and how you got started writing books for children.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest.  I began creating stories from inspiration and experiences while raising my children and grandchildren.

2.)  Now who does your illustrations?

The illustrators at Author House do my Illustrations for my books.

3.)  It seems that young kids relate real well to animals. Any thoughts as to why?

I think young children have a unique and wonderful innocence, curiousness and trust.  Animals also have an innocence, curiousness and often also have a natural trust.   This allows children and animals to easily have the wonderful ability to relate.

4.)  Now Walter and Mike are they based on any real kid you know, or friends.

Walter and Mike are not based on any real kids I know.  I chose their names after my Grandfathers names.  Some of the lessons I learned as a child from them I shared in the story.

5.)  How many other books have you actually written?

I have written three books and I am working on two more at this time.

6.)  Is there a message to your book or a moral to the story?

There are a several messages in the book. First children should not go off alone on an adventure without asking their parents and letting them know where they are going, and when they expect to return. Second, it is best to always use the buddy system when leaving home whenever it is possible.

Third whenever we face an unexpected danger get help from and adult.

7.)  I suppose kids in Florida will relate to the water park theme—did you have a specific audience in mind?

I hope all kids who love playing in the water will relate to the fun time at the  resort fun pool.

8.)  What are you currently working on?

Well my third book is going to print within a week or two and will be available within the next month. The title is The Lonely Noodle. The story is about a swim noodle and the fun kids had on their vacation day before leaving this noodle all alone to drift in the pool at night.  My second book Bunny Foodie Adventures was published February 2013 and I am working on two more stories both will take place in the San Juan Islands in Washington State.  I am also considering another Walter and Mike story.

9.)  What have I neglected to ask?

I would like to add another consideration that went into writing Walter and Mike Get Their Own Fun Park Pool to Play In. As a beginning reader when my teachers were trying to introduce chapter books I did not like reading because I was not able to comprehend what I was reading. I developed my books as picture chapter books in the hopes that young readers who believe they do not like reading will be able to realize the pure enjoyment a story contains through the story content and with the aid of the beautiful illustrations to help comprehension. I’d like my books to be enjoyed as chapter books to increase reading enjoyment for all young readers.

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