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An Interview with Leften Wright: Dealing Right with the Left.

Jun 8, 2013 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy

1)     Leften, you have just written a highly acclaimed book- tell us the title and what you were trying to accomplish.

Highly acclaimed?  9781475976304_COVER.indd

Thank you.  You’ve made my day.  The title is THE HANDBOOK FOR CLOSET CONSERVATIVES (How to Succeed in Today’s Liberal World).  As a conservative in the New York area, surrounded by arrogant liberals who look disdainfully at conservatives, make jokes about us quite openly without shame, and often exclude us from their true believer circles, I wanted to reach out to other conservatives in my predicament, let them know they are not alone, and share (to use today’s word) some of my methods for living with them and getting back at them —- and, most important, to show how hilarious they can be.

2)     I have to say, I , and many others are extremely concerned about the road this country is taking. Your thoughts?

Very simply, we are losing our freedom – we have already lost much of it.  We are afraid to say the wrong thing about protected minorities for fear of “offending” or in some cases being sued.  We can’t even kid around – say a nice word to a woman in the office and you’ve got the PC police after you.  Government agencies in charge of minority rights tell us whom to hire — and make it virtually impossible to fire the incompetent.  We are required to do the things that are “good for us”.  When we go anywhere with my son and his family we have to take two cars – theirs is filled with mandatory car seats,leaving no room for grandparents.  The punishment for mixing plastic with paper can be greater than that for armed robbery.  As for recycling – first one behemoth of a truck comes around for one item, then another for other items – probably using up more gas and creating more fumes than anything gained by recycling.   I once wrote for a paper manufacturer that was forced by law to build a special plant for recycling – a plant that poured chemicals into the waterways which created the need for additional cleaning up.  It was far cleaner, he said, and cheaper to harvest trees which matured every 20 years.  Every day we find ourselves doing things that make no sense – but the government has decreed it.  And there is Ethanol – another mandatory that has turned out to be a disaster.   With all the billions spent by the government in their search for green energy, the only real breakthrough has been made by private industry with Fracking – a way to produce oil and gas that will make us truly energy independent and not beholden to those nice guys in the middle east.  But, of course, the liberals are trying to stop fracking.   It seems it destroys the landscape which was pretty ugly in the first place.  Small businesses are being taxed to death and subject to an onslaught of rules meant to drive them out of business.

Another way we are losing our freedom is the media that covers up for liberal presidents, attacks and ridicules conservative politicians.  Why is it left up to FOX to publicize Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the AP scandal?   People dependent on the regular media do not know what is happening to them.  The only person arrested in the Benghazi disaster is the man who produced the movie that had nothing to do, in spite of government lies, with what happened.   Where is he, by the way?

We are losing our freedom to learn.  Since forced busing began to integrate our schools, American educational standards have plummeted.  Once tops in the world, our children now rank about 25th or so.  In the rush for integration, no one once mentioned education.  Of course, saying this is politically incorrect, and our country sinks deeper into ignorance – which may be just what the liberals want.   They get the votes of the uneducated and miseducated, the ones who respond to the 1% class warfare.

3)   This word “entitled”– when did it start becoming so de rigeur?

When politicians figured out that was how to get votes. I would guess that the roots go back to President Roosevelt in the Great Depression in the nineteen thirties.  The government launched emergency programs with the best intentions.   Like welfare which began as a program to give short term help to married women with children deserted by their husbands…and grew into the monstrous system that in essence rewarded single girls for having babies, broke up families, and created a culture of dependency.  Public housing began at that time too — for qualified families.  We know what that turned into. People who once would have been grateful for government help now feel it is owed them.  The liberal politicians have told them they have a right to live in subsidized housing in communities that others have worked hard to afford to live in.  So guess who they will vote for?  They are told that everyone is entitled to go to college – even if they can only read at a sixth grade level.  And that they are entitled to become firemen even if they can’t pass the test. It is an insidious thing that has crept into our culture.  Liberal politicians tell people that the one percent has become successful not by creating the IPad or working tirelessly in law, finance, the sciences, but by inherited wealth and ruthless behavior.   The uneducated are told they are entitled to the same rewards that go to those who earned them.  Entitled because they are just as good.  But are they?

4)   I can understand some people wanting the government to take care of all of their needs, but what do we call these people ( if one wants to be ” politically correct “)?

We call them the disadvantaged – the victims of discrimination, bad housing, bad schools.  Never the result of single mother parenthood, neglect, a culture that extols drugs, being tough, defiance of the law – and denigrates education.

5)   Where the heck did this idea of being ” politically correct ” come from? And has this trend gained a life of it’s own?

The very words “politically correct” are politically correct – a euphemism for hiding the truth, or lying.  We have the liberals to thank for that.  Their policy of racial preferences – and then gender preferences – was labeled Affirmative Action so as not to insult the beneficiaries and make it sound reasonable to the rest of us.  People who did not want to work, but could vote, became the economically disadvantaged   Which led to academically challenged, etc, one euphemism after another to avoid the truth.  Try suggesting that women may not be qualified to be Suomo Wrestlers, or that gays may be offensive when they parade down Market Street in see through loin cloths, and you may have the feds at your door.  Returning to normalcy is the real challenge.  People do not give up special treatment lightly.

I think that deep down liberals feel a little guilty about what they are doing.    Blaming racism for low test scores when they really know better.  Refusing to profile even if that is the surest way to nab criminals, not to mention terrorists.  We are so determined to make everyone equal we deny our enemy is our enemy.   And little old ladies are groped at airports.   It’s a country gone mad.

6)     I want to respect every racial, ethnic, cultural group, and not offend anyone. But, gosh, I am so afraid that I might hurt someone’s feelings, that gee, I think I will just stay home and read a book. Your thoughts?

Why is offending so terrible?  Isn’t it better to have the freedom to offend than to be careful about every word you utter?  I am Jewish.  Once as a child I was called Jew — I was baffled, and went on to learn why.   One of the first ad agencies which I applied to, the president told me “We’ve never had a Jew working here before.”  It turned out I wouldn’t be the first – I was hired by another.   When I told the account supervisor who had been rooting for me, he congratulated me and said he had wanted to prove something to them.   I was far more moved by his humanity than by the ignorance of the president.

Actually, offending is quite acceptable – if the people you offend are outside of the protected groups.  You can have a go at Mormons, but not at Muslims.  Liberals like Hillary Clinton have raved about the broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, which ridicules you know whose religion.  You are also free to offend the Tea Party, Right to Lifers, Christians (especially Evangelicals), Red Staters, Righties and the unwashed who drive pickup trucks.   That’s what I find truly offensive.

7)   It seems that some people have a ” podium ” and use it to put down others or to push their own agenda. Are you pushing or promoting any agenda?

My agenda:  respect for one another’s opinions.  Even if you are a liberal and know it all.

8)   Now let’s get to the heart of your book—who should read it ? And why?

You should read the book because it is funny, topical, insightful and filled with information.  You should read it so you’ll have an edge over the liberals who are trying to run our lives.  You should buy it so that it becomes a bestseller and drives the New York Times and the rest of the elite crazier than they are.

9)  What have I neglected to ask ?

Read the book and find out.

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