An Interview with Marita Carey about Brown College of Court Reporting

Jul 19, 2013 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy

  1. First of all, what is your exact title and what would you say you do at Brown College of Court Reporting?

I am the Director of Admissions and oversee a small admissions team of two representatives and we work together to recruit qualified students for our court reporting program. Prospective students have an opportunity to attend quarterly Open Houses, weekly Information Sessions, schedule individual appointments, or participate in webinars to learn more about becoming a certified court reporter. This is a very specialized skill and we will give tours of the campus as well as demonstrations on the court reporting equipment. I make sure that all of our inquiries and applicants receive timely and accurate information in order to make an informed decision on their career path.

  1. How long has Brown College of Court Reporting been around?

Brown College of Court Reporting was founded by Forrest M. Brown, a court reporter, and has been in operation since 1972 – 41 years! We’re the only school in the state of Georgia certified by the National Court Reporting Association and, we’re also approved by the National Verbatim Reporters Association.

  1. Let’s talk about the job market- are there jobs out there for court reporters?

One of the most exciting aspects of my job is knowing that Brown College has a very solid placement record for graduates of our court reporting program; court reporting is in demand and is expected to grow by 14 percent through 2020 (Dept. of Labor). Based on our market research and Brown Colleges’ reputation within the industry, we expect opportunities to continue to be strong for graduates of both our stenography and voice writing programs. Brown College has a placement rate of over 97% for our graduates who pass the national certification exam and become certified court reporters! So, education is the key for this career path.

  1. Where exactly is Brown College of Court Reporting located and how long does it take to complete the program?

Brown College is conveniently located off of I-75 at Howell Mill Rd. which is a few minutes north of downtown Atlanta. 1900 Emery Street, NW, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30318.

  1. This is a challenging program, what are some of the key attributes a prospective student should have in order to be successful in your program?

Students most likely to succeed in this profession will be self-motivated and disciplined; maintaining a daily practice effort on their equipment. In addition to mastering the skill, students should have a keen interest in the legal profession, a strong command of the English language, be detailed oriented, comfortable with technology, and work well under the pressure of deadlines. (

  1. How quickly do your graduates get positions?

Carlette Jennings is our Director of Career Services. She works with our graduates on placement and most graduates find work within eight weeks of passing the certification exam (required in most states) to become a Certified Court Reporter.

  1. Do any of your court reporters ever report being bored doing the same thing day in and day out?

Rarely. I have not heard a court reporter talk about being bored. Actually, it’s the opposite. Certified reporters are dealing with different information everyday whether in a deposition or taking down the record for a trial. They play a vital role in our judicial system and interact with judges, attorneys, and court personnel to ensure that an accurate record of legal proceedings is properly captured. This career is anything but boring. They are listening to expert testimony as it relates to a case, taking down the testimony of an eyewitness to a crime, recording every spoken word in the courtroom or legal proceeding.

  1. Do you have a Web site where individuals can get more information?

Our website is and you can call to speak directly with the admissions team at (404)876-1227 or use the chat feature on our Web site. The following Web sites are also useful in learning more about being a Court Reporter: and

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