An Interview with: Mrs. Paula Yorker, Executive Director, Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Foundation.

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Mrs. Paula Yorker Executive Director and Proud Parent Sia Yorker Brain Scholarship Foundation

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

  1. Could you first tell us about the Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Foundation?

Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation for High School Seniors began in 2011 in memory of our 19 year old daughter, Sia ChristineYorker. Our Mission is to educate and bring awareness of signs and symptoms of Acute Brain Hemorrhage. In addition, we want to encourage people to be proactive in taking preventive measures in avoiding head injuries as well as to console those that are experiencing pain and grief from the lost of a loved one due to a brain condition.

  1. Can you discuss the “Brain Awareness Scholarship?

One of the goals of the foundation is to award scholarships to deserving Central Florida graduating high school seniors who will be full-time students in an accredited Florida college or university with an interest or intent of pursuing Medical/Science course of study.

  1. What are the specific criteria?

The student must a be Graduating High Senior, residing in the Central, Florida area, planning to be a full time student in an accredited Florida college or University with an interest or intent of pursuing Medical/Science course of study to help humans.

  1. How often are these scholarships awarded?

The scholarships are awarded 1 time per year.

  1. When did your foundation start?

Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation began in 2011 in memory of our daughter Sia Christine Yorker.

6. Can you tell us a bit about Sia Yorker?

I would be honored! July 15th, 1991 Sia was born at Bethesda Naval Medical Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland.

Sia loved God, and for the past 11 years, she was an active member at the Gathering Place Worship Center, (TGP) Sanford, Florida. She was a magnet and loved being around children, thus she served in the TGP nursery and often served as a volunteer in the community.

Sia attended Deltona Lakes Elementary school where she fondly served as a reporter for the school television program and worked as a hall patrol monitor.  While attending Galaxy Middle School she participated as a vocalist for the school choir. During her tenure at Pine Ridge High School, she mentored many, was an active member of Christian Athletes and became soccer team captain. Sia aspired to become a pediatric doctor and attended the University of North Florida and later Seminole State Community College and was then accepted into the Medical Program in Gainesville, Florida in June 2011 and was to begin classes in August of 2011.

Sia loved taking pictures and was often found with a camera in her hand. She also loved sports, fashions-shopping (High Heel Shoes) theatres, beaches, traveling, all types of music and spending time with family and friends.

June 18th, 2011, Sia was rushed to Florida Hospital, Fish due to having severe headaches. After having a small seizure in the emergency room, a MRI was ordered which revealed a small amount of bleeding on the right side of her brain. She was flown to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach to be monitored by a Neurologist, however when her parents arrived they were informed that Sia was undergoing surgery. After surgery Sia remained in a coma for 3 days, on June 21st, 2011 Sia Christine Yorker transitioned from Earth to Heaven due to a “Sudden Acute Brain Hemorrhage”.

It is nice to know that Sia has touched so many lives in such a short period of time, including our very own.

We are rewarded in knowing that her legacy inspires and continues to propel others to prosper and move forward.

What comforts our hearts the most is that Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior and to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord!

7. Do you have a web site so that interested others can get more information?

Yes, the web site is

 8. What have you neglected to ask?

I think you’ve covered quite a bit.  On behalf of Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation, we thank you so very much for inquiring about the foundation as well as the interview.  I believe the website will convey our heart to the viewers.


Mrs. Yorker
Executive Director and Proud Parent
Sia Yorker Brain Scholarship Foundation

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    susan Henderson

    My son attends a Central Florida school, Lyman High School. He is a graduating Senior. Per the requirements of the listed Sai Yorker Scholarship, he applied for the 2015 Sai Yorker Scholarship. Not to mention the application process was deep and time consuming. Deadline for this scholarship was February 25, 2015. This Scholarship was listed on our school website for the students reference. On March 5, 2015, my son receives a phone call from Ms. Yorker stating that he does not qualify for this scholarship because he attends Lyman High School. This is not a Central Florida High School that I quote “I do not have relations with Lyman High School”. This application is not suppose to be on their site. She didn’t give it to them. Really? I would call this a misrepresentation of the scholarship that is publicly advertised on the web. This application is also a PDF to download off the internet. This application does not state of any exclusions. It does state “Florida High School Graduating Seniors”. It also requires to be TYPED! Who has a typewritter anymore? We do. I am sure there were many disqualifications, if she got many applicants at all. So, what is the real story? Does she really offer scholarships or maybe you have to be black to receive the scholarship? This is disappointing and makes me look at the Sai Yorker Foundation in a different light!

    • Avatar

      Mrs. Henderson, this is my first time viewing your comment. Please be so kind as to follow up with a correction or update that after discussing the matter with you at length and Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Foundation Board Members your concern was taken into consideration and your son was awarded a scholarship in 2015. As verbally communicated to you during our telephone conversation, we took full responsibility for the oversight according to our guidelines. Due to your concern, the board members revisited the guidelines to qualify an applicant for the Sia Yorker Medical Science Scholarship and since then have made some changes. So the foundation thank you for expressing your concerns.

      For your information Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Scholarship Foundation is open to all ethnic groups, the majority of our scholarship recipients have been Caucasian, Oriental, Indians, Hispanics as well as African Americans. The application does not require the applicant to disclose their ethnicity, gender or religious affiliation. Please feel free to visit our website at

      Together, we are making a difference!


      Mrs. Yorker
      Executive Director
      Sia Yorker Brain Awareness
      Scholarship Foundation

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