An Interview with Raymond Francis: Never Be Sick Again

Aug 7, 2011 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy
Eastern New Mexico University
Portales, New Mexico 88130

1) Raymond, first of all could you tell us about your education, training and experiences in this realm of sickness and health?

I am a scientist by training.  My formal education is in chemistry, and I have a M.Sc. degree from MIT.  My biggest lesson in health began in 1983 when I got sick and almost died from my medical treatments.  At that time I was the president of an international management consulting firm and I started to not feel well.  I went to my doctor and followed the conventional medical advice.  I thought I was doing everything right.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I found out the hard way that conventional medicine is not science based.  Conventional medicine is a hopelessly obsolete and scientifically invalid approach to healthcare that is helping drug companies get rich, but it almost killed me and it is damaging the health of millions every year.  In fact, medical intervention has become the leading cause of death in the United States.  Shocking!

Eventually, I concluded that we need to start thinking about health in a whole new way.  We must transition to science-based medicine, and we need to simplify it so everyone can understand it.  I have proposed an entirely new way of looking at health and disease that is so simple, people with terminal illnesses are able to cure themselves.  You see, there is really only one disease – cells that aren’t functioning as they should – and two reasons for cellular malfunction – the cells either aren’t getting all the things they need to work right (nutrients), or they’re being poisoned by toxins that get in their way and gum up the works.  This approach takes the mystery out of disease and gives us very practical ways to build health – simply maximize nutrition and minimize toxins.

2) Let’s start simple- Diet–in order for people to keep healthy and never get sick- what should they be eating and what should they be avoiding?

One of our biggest impediments to better health is that most people think they are already eating a “good” diet. The truth is the average American diet will not support healthy life in rats, much less humans.  Americans are eating plenty of calories, but they’re starving to death for nutrients.  This is causing an unprecedented epidemic of chronic disease where more than 3 out of every 4 Americans have a diagnosable chronic disease, including children.  More and more children are on prescription drugs, and children as young as six are getting strokes.  Government surveys have found that most people are deficient in at least several essential nutrients.  If you are chronically deficient in even one, you will get sick.  That is a guarantee.  If that weren’t bad enough, much of the food we eat is loaded with toxins.  So right there you’ve got the two causes of disease – nutrient deficiency and toxicity.

Ninety cents out of the American food dollar is spent on processed foods.  Processed foods are both deficient in nutrients and loaded with toxins, so they cause disease.  We are paying a lot of money to make ourselves sick.  The average American eats a salad at mealtime only 36 times a year!  I eat a fresh salad at least once a day, and at age 74, I enjoy the health and vitality of someone in their twenties.

I’ve written a lot about diet in my books and in articles on the website, but briefly, there are four foods you must avoid if you want to be healthy.  I call them “The Big Four:” 1) refined sugar, 2) wheat, 3) processed oils, and 4) dairy/excessive animal protein.  The best diet is a plant-based, organic, mostly raw diet centered on fresh vegetables, and including fresh fruits; healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil and flax oil; legumes; minimal grains; and small amounts of animal protein.

According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, today even if you eat a good diet, it is no longer possible to get all the nutrition you need.  Even the best diet today needs to be supplemented.  For various reasons, including mineral depletion of our soils, the nutrition in even the best produce today is down, while the need for nutrients is up due to our toxic environment.   Nutrients are needed for detoxification, and our toxic environment requires many times the nutrients needed by our forefathers.

3) Next- exercise–most people I know get their exercise jumping to conclusions and making inferential leaps- how much and what kind of exercise should say the typical average male or female get daily?

To be healthy, you have to supply your cells with all the nutrients they need, keep them free of toxins AND move and stretch them.  Moving and stretching the cells facilitates the delivery of nutrients and the removal of toxins from the cells.  The best form of exercise I’ve found for the average person is rebounding – that’s jumping up and down on a special kind of trampoline called a rebounder. This exercises every cell in your body simultaneously, so it’s extremely efficient.  You can do half an hour a day at home and get the same benefits as working out for hours at a gym.  30 minutes a day is ideal, although even 15 minutes a day provides tremendous benefits.  I do 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes at night.  There is a whole new phenomenon where people come together and exercise through dance; it’s called Zumba.  The key is to get moving on a regular basis, even if it’s just a brisk walk every day.

4) I have heard them referred to as the THREE WHITES- that should be avoided–SALT, SUGAR and WHITE BREAD—are these as deadly as some say?

Yes, I’d agree with those people who call them deadly.  Sugar and white flour are almost the same in the biological problems they cause.  If sugar were introduced as a new product today, it could not be approved.  From a biological standpoint, sugar is a deadly metabolic poison.  Just a little bit of the stuff can throw your body into biological chaos and depress your immune system for hours.

Processed foods are loaded with salt.  We consume far too much salt and this upsets the ratio of sodium to potassium in our cells, causing serious cellular malfunctions.   If you’re eating lots of vegetables and fruits, you’re getting a good amount of potassium; you can then have maybe half a teaspoon of salt a day.  By far, the largest source of salt in the average person’s diet is processed foods.  Get rid of them, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, don’t go crazy with the salt shaker and you’ll be fine.

5) JUNK FOOD- why should it be avoided- and what should be substituted?

Well again, there are two causes of disease – deficiency and toxicity.  Junk foods, processed foods, are low in nutrition – except for calories – and contain lots of toxins.  If you think back to the Big Four, junk foods are high in sugar, wheat, processed oils and milk products.  Talk about deadly.  What you are buying is disease.

6) Now, some doctors I know don’t like to talk STRESS, but I think it contributes to high blood pressure and probably many other things- Your thoughts on stress?

Stress causes significant biochemical changes in the body – it chews up nutrients and creates toxins, so it’s a major factor in disease.  Trying to avoid it is almost impossible, but you can minimize its damage with stress reduction techniques. One of the great benefits of exercise is stress reduction.  Meditation is another.  Engaging in emotionally fulfilling activities of any kind counteracts stress.

7) Fruits and vegetables- the pros, the cons, the concerns and how much?

As I’ve said, if you want to maximize nutrition and minimize toxins, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are the way to go.  Juicing vegetables makes their nutrients even more bioavailable.  Juicing fruits, on the other hand, makes the sugar more bioavailable and that’s a bad thing.  I don’t drink fruit juice.  Preferably, everything should be organic to minimize the toxins and maximize the nutrition.  Basically, eat as many vegetables as you can.  In fact, one way to look at cancer is that it’s a vegetable deficiency disease.

8) Listen, I wash my hands, take multiple vitamins, yet every year, I seem to get a small flu- what am I doing right and what am I doing wrong?

Healthy people don’t get colds. I’ve had only one cold in the past 24 years, and I have a good excuse for that one.  Extreme travel conditions deprived me of sleep for over 48 hours, and that compromised my immunity.  Get on a good diet and supplement program, reduce your exposure to toxins and remove stored toxins from your body, get plenty of exercise, rest, and emotional satisfaction in your life. Avoid medications.  I realize that’s a sketchy answer, but you’d really need to read one of my books to get the complete story.

Another thing to consider is that most vitamins are not very effective, so you may not be getting the benefits you think you are.  Extra vitamin C every day is essential to keeping your immunity strong, but you need high quality vitamin C and most of the C on the market is not high quality.  I wrote a report on this titled The Roadmap to Choosing Supplements.  It’s available free at:

9) To steal a line from Ray Romano- I am not 26 years old anymore—What should I be doing to ward off the effects of aging?

I am age 74, but medical tests show I have the arteries of a 26-year-old.  We can’t stop the clock and end chronological aging.  We can, however, slow biological aging.  In fact, it is even possible to reverse biological aging, as I have done with my arteries.  You want to keep your biological age younger than your chronological age.  The body is a self-repairing system.  If you give your cells all the repair materials they need and don’t poison your repair machinery with toxins, you can live a long, disease-free life full of vitality.  Because of our poor diets and toxic exposures, most Americans are experiencing large repair deficits and accelerated aging.  If you don’t keep your car well repaired, it will end up in a junk yard.  If you don’t keep your body well repaired, you will end up in a nursing home.

10) I spoke to someone at Harvard recently, and this scholar indicated that obesity was the Number 1 childhood disease- True or False?

True.  The health of our children is appalling and getting worse every year.  We have now reached the point where the average life expectancy of our children will, for the first time in 200 years, be declining.  Obesity is playing a large part in this.  However what causes obesity?  Again, deficiency and toxicity are the two causes of disease, including what I call overweight disease.  For more, see my book Never Be Fat Again.

11) The biggest problem that people discuss with me is osteoarthritis-seems everyone I know is getting older- and NSAIDS are dangerous- Any alternatives?

The best alternative is don’t get biologically older.  Older means repair deficits.  All chronic disease involves repair deficits.   Optimize your body’s repair capability with good nutrition and avoid toxins that can interfere with the repair machinery.  Keep the body well maintained and these problems won’t happen.  Arthritis is a sign that you are making yourself fall apart.

There is almost always a better alternative to toxic drugs like NSAIDS.  These anti-inflammatory drugs kill at least 20,000 people per year and damage the health of millions.  NSAIDS may alleviate symptoms, but actually increase joint deterioration in arthritics, and make everything worse in the long run.

With arthritis, the first problem is to reduce inflammation, since it is inflammation that causes the damage to the joints.  Reducing inflammation will also greatly reduce pain.   All of The Big Four are highly inflammatory and need to be eliminated.  Infections, allergies and food sensitivities need to be addressed and minimized.  Fat cells, especially abdominal fat, are very inflammatory – lose that extra weight.  Stress and environmental toxins also add to your inflammatory load.  Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and minimize animal proteins and grains, to keep body pH alkaline.  There are also supplements you can take to reduce inflammation.  Vitamin C works synergistically with quercitin, and the two should be taken together at maximum doses.   Fish oil or flax oil supplies omega 3 fatty acids – these fats are anti-inflammatory.  Other anti-inflammatory supplements include vitamins A, B complex (including folic acid, B6 and B12), D, and E, plus beta-carotene, CoQ10, curcumin, selenium, N-acetylcysteine, and alpha-lipoic acid.

Food allergies are often a factor.  I have cured people of arthritis simply by advising they stop drinking milk.  Allergic reactions cause a lot of inflammatory damage to the body.  Once inflammation is under control, joints that aren’t completely worn away can be largely rebuilt.  My company, Beyond Health, supplies a number of very high quality supplements than can help you do this.

12) To wrap up- tell us about your book and where we can get a copy and if you have a web site…

Well I actually have three books now – Never Be Sick Again was the first.  It describes my fundamental approach – the one disease, two causes concept as well as six pathways that lead toward or away from health/disease – and how to apply these principles in your life to achieve optimal health. My second book, Never Be Fat Again, utilizes my approach to solve the problem of overweight disease.  My latest book, Never Fear Cancer Again, was written not only to help those who have been diagnosed with cancer to reverse their disease but, since it’s now expected that almost half the population will get cancer during their lifetimes, everyone should read this book so they know how to prevent getting cancer.  Most people fear cancer because they’ve been taught that it’s a mysterious, incurable illness that strikes for no reason. The fact is, although we don’t know everything about it, we know enough to turn the cancer process off like a light switch – we really have total control – and people need to know this.  Another myth is that cancer is a disease of aging, but the fastest-growing incidence of cancer is among children and those under thirty.

You can order any of these books from my company, Beyond Health, at our website,  There’s also lots of free health information on our website, and of course we’ve made it our business to sell “the best of the best” in many categories of health-supporting products, from supplements to water purifiers to rebounders.  I spend months and even years doing research to select the products we carry.  Beyond Health has only one product — health.  We are about supplying our customers with both the information and the products they need to get healthy and stay healthy.

On the bottom line, health is a duty — a personal responsibility.   If you are willing to accept this responsibility, miracles can happen and a long, disease-free life is possible.

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