An Interview with Roya Klingner: Virtual Teacher Training

Sep 21, 2011 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy
Eastern New Mexico University
Portales, New Mexico

1)  Roya, I understand that your organization is now offering teacher training for gifted and high ability kids. When will this start?

High Quality Global Virtual Teacher Training for High Ability Kids

The Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children offers High Quality Global Virtual Teacher Training for High Ability Kids for teachers all around the world. This program will start on October 22th 2011 until June 16th 2012. It is structured into nine different modules. Dr. Monita Leavitt and I will be the mentors in this program.

After completion of the program you will be a “Coach for Gifted Education” certified by Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children. You may also contact us for help with your work with gifted children or about founding a center in your area. Deadline for application is October 14th 2011

2)  Whose idea was this?

That was my idea to share my experiences and knowledge about Gifted Education with other teachers around the world. After our successful event, the Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in Second Life, I decided to plan this Global Virtual Teacher Training as well.
Using Technology and game-based learning could be a great motivation for teachers to learn more about gifted children and their needs. I discussed my idea with Dr. Monita Leavitt, who is a part of our scientific council in my center and she found my idea good and accepted to be part of this program and supports me, which I appreciate a lot.

3)  Now, some specifics—will there be time for discussion, or is this a Power Point with downloadable materials?

Both of them. It will be a combination of Theory and practical examples in a virtual and the real world.  This is kind of a pilot project, which is unique in this form of Teacher Training. In addition, we will work with our participants to develop their own creativity in form of a project in their classrooms,  which will help them to build a bridge between theory and practice. There will be also a forum for all participants for sharing links, tips and experiences.

4) Will there be a focus on acceleration or enrichment?

At the beginning we will focus on enrichment but as soon as our teachers are interested  to learn more, work more for this program, there will be a possibility for acceleration as well. The main goal is to create a global environment for our participants to learn more with fun and motivation, based on their own ability, experiences and creativity to understand gifted children and their social, emotional needs.

5)  What about mentoring?

First of all, Dr. Leavitt and I will be the mentors in this program but as soon as we notice that some of our participants have the interest in mentoring other participants we will not keep them from trying.

6)  What about costs?

The cost of this course is €1800 (about 2467 US-Dollar)

7)  I understand you are involved in some up and coming conferences- tell me about Munster- and what will be happening there in the future.

Yes, I will be in KSA on November 2011 to attend the second Conference of The International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE). I am part of the best practice Strand.

About Münster:

Münster is a very special place: Münster is a city known far and wide for its high standard of living. Münster’s most recent award honored “Europe’s Most Beautiful Park 2009” for its Aaseepark; with its green areas, hiking and biking trails, modern sculptures, and restaurants and cafes.

In 2004 Münster received Gold in the LivCom Award as it was awarded the title, “The World’s Most Livable City” by the UN’s Environmental Program.     And it was Gold once again in 2007 as Münster won the pan-European Entente Florale competition. In 2006, it was crowned by “Deutsche  Umwelthilfe” (‘German Environment Aid’) as the “National Climate Protection Capital” for the second time. And in 2005, Münster again took top honors for its climate protection projects as the first large German city to receive the coveted European Energy Award Gold Medal.

In a city that places an emphasis on climate protection and quality of life, one can find excellent sporting and leisure facilities. It is no coincidence that     Germany’s most preeminent bicycling club, the ADFC, distinguished Münster with the title “Germany’s Bicycling Capital” in 2005 for the fourth time,  and “Runner’s World” magazine crowned Münster as “Germany’s No. 1 Running City” following its study in 2008.
Münster is also at the top of the list in regard to its commitment to being a child-friendly city. Its Wartburg Primary School took the top honors in 2008’s “Deutscher Schulpreis” (‘Germany’s School Award’), and in 2004 Münster was selected as the “Child-Friendliest City”.

As stated before, Münster is simply a very special city.
You can find more information about the upcoming ECHA-Conference in September 2012 in Münster, Germany.

So that more teachers from Bavaria can attend this conference, we decided not to have our 4th pedagogical conference of Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children next year.

This is a sign of solidarity with ECHA from my side and I hope to see more participants from all around the world at this special event.

8) What have I neglected to ask?

I really like this question but as usual I don´t know, what you have neglected to ask. As soon as you have more questions, you are always welcome to contact me to ask. :-)


High Quality Global Virtual Teacher Training for High Ability Kids:

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