An Interview with Rynette Kjesbo: Who-What-When-Where–Why and?

Nov 7, 2012 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

1)         Rynette, Super Duper has just released an app for WH questions – tell us about it.

WH Question Cards is an educational app created by Super Duper Publications for the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. It has all 280 illustrated picture cards (plus audio of each card’s text) from Super Duper’s best-selling Ask and Answer® WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHY Fun Decks.

2)         What is it trying to accomplish?

WH Question Cards teaches students how to correctly ask and answer who, what, when, where, and why questions in an interactive and engaging way. The app has four exciting game options: a multiple choice game, a secret decoder game, a matching game, and a unique game called Drag ‘n Match.

3)         What is this Super Duper Secret Decoder?

Super Duper Publications makes printed card decks that come with Secret Decoders. These Secret Decoders allow students to check their answers by shining the Decoder’s light over the answer choices, revealing the correct answer. The Secret Decoder card decks have been very popular with our customers, so we decided to make a game option in the WH Question Cards app using a virtual Secret Decoder. In this game, the student listens to the question and answer choices, selects an answer, then slides the virtual Super Duper Secret Decoder over it to reveal the correct response.

4)         And what about this Drag ‘n Match game?

In the Drag ‘n Match game, students match questions to their corresponding answers by dragging the cards on top of each other to make a match. You can choose to answer one, two, three, or four questions at a time. When all of the questions on the screen have been answered, a cute, animated dragon blows the cards away and new cards appear.

5)         What ages and grades is this for?

While the content would be appropriate for any student who needs to work on asking/answering WH Questions, or for any student who needs to work on vocabulary or language development, the colorful illustrations would probably appeal most to students who are in Prekindergarten through the 6th grade.

6)         Can this be used by teachers, or parents or speech language pathologists?

WH Question Cards can be used by teachers, parents, AND speech-language pathologists, as well as by the students themselves! Parents and educators who use this app with their students have the option to hide the multiple choice answers, making the questions open-ended and providing opportunities for teaching, modeling, scaffolding, and discussion. Students who want to use the app by themselves can choose to have the prompts automatically read to them, and they can choose to receive feedback from the app for their correct answers as well as their incorrect ones.

7)         Are there any other technical features that parents, teachers, need to know about?

There are many great features that allow you to customize game play, play with groups of students, mix and match card decks, and choose specific card prompts (questions). In addition, WH Question Cards also has excellent data-tracking capabilities that allow parents/educators to keep track of data for all players, examine student progress over time using graphs, find out which questions students missed and/or answered correctly during specific sessions, and e-mail/print results.

8)         Is there a free version or a sample version? And how does one download it?

YES! The free version of WH Question Cards comes with the WHO? question deck. Additional question decks can be purchased individually from within the free app or you can get all five WH Question decks in the WH Question Cards Pro app. All of Super Duper’s apps are available from iTunes. You can find the links to the apps on our website:

9)         Where can people find out more about this?

You can find out more about WH Question Cards and all of the apps available from Super Duper Publications on Super Duper’s website: There you can see screenshots from the apps, watch a video about how to use the app, read FAQs, and find out how the app aligns with your state’s standards.

10)       What have I neglected to ask?

How about, “What is Super Duper working on now?” We are always working on something new. We recently released some other great apps – Webber Photo Artic Castle, Super Duper StoryMaker, and Core Curriculum apps for PreK/K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade. Keep checking our website ( for the latest news about our apps and other new products.

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