An Interview with Scotty Sanders: About “Quest of the Keys”

Aug 3, 2012 by

Scotty Sanders

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

  1. Who is the main character and what is he like?

The main character is Decklen, a young man who has narrowly escaped death in the Minca Silver Mines, and sworn to return to those he left behind. Joined by an unlikely sojourner, he sets out for the realm of Leonesse, and assistance from the elder, Octavius. But rather than finding swords and strategy, Decklen receives a locked golden cylinder containing an ancient scroll.

Decklen’s life has been marked by poor choices and failure. He is a young man in whom many will relate; he is far from perfect. He does experience a change of heart and decides to face the challenges that lie ahead. Decklen is a hero because against incredible obstacles he never gives up on his commitment to free the people he left behind.

  1. What are the challenges facing Decklen?

Tasked with opening the scroll, Decklen and his companion find themselves on an unexpected path of danger and discovery, in search of hidden keys that unlock the true secrets to success…and determine the fate of an entire kingdom.

  1. What lessons of leadership might a reader find in the book?

Decklen learns the foundational truth of leadership. Until you lead yourself, you cannot effectively lead others. Many people desire to be great leaders, but few are willing to pay the price to become great leaders. Decklen’s quest allows him to discover that principle. To be a leader, it requires sacrifice, discipline, and putting others first. These lessons on leadership will be imperative to Decklen as he leads his companion and eventually the people of Leonesse.

  1. Obviously kids today are dealing with a lot of issues—peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, etc. What does this book say to them?

Young people can discover the keys to success in their own lives as they journey with Decklen on his adventures. “Quest of the Keys” focuses on living life to its full potential, but that is impossible without knowing your purpose and living it with a tremendous passion. I have found that you cannot be passionate and passive at the same time. I am confident readers will gain clarity for their life through the application in “Quest of the Keys.”

  1. In your mind, what are some of the key lessons that kids need to learn today?

Our world seems to continually move in a direction which is unhealthy. People expect instant results and think life is easy. This is not the truth. The really successful people who I have learned from have tremendous persistence and are not quitters. They have learned that great success takes time and even failure.

  1. What might you say are some “keys to success” that kids are not getting from the schools and parents?

On his quest, Decklen finds the Key to People Skills. Somewhere through the years, we have lost the importance of serving others and showing respect. Little things such as being responsive, showing up on time, and saying thank you are qualities not often displayed in teenagers. These may seem small, but they are qualities of successful people.

  1. Where can readers get a copy of this book? Is it available on line? Who publishes it?

You can go to to watch our book trailer and order a copy of the book. The official release is September 1, 2012. “Quest of the Keys” is published by Brown Books Publishing Company and is also available on Amazon.

  1. Is there a specific age or grade range for this book? Is it for high schoolers, or bright middle schoolers? Could parents read it to or with their kids?

The target audience is 13-25 year olds. The reading level was tested and 6th grade and up was the age group indicated. I expect teens and adults of all ages to love the story. I have sent drafts to several people over 40 years of age and their response was positive. They engaged in the story while at the same time enjoyed learning the leadership principles woven throughout the book.

  1. What have I neglected to ask?

You have asked several excellent questions. I would add –What makes “Quest of the Keys” unique?

Although it is a fantasy fiction book, the teachings that are seamlessly woven in the story makes QOTK not only engaging but educational. The leadership and character development insights in this fantasy fiction book sets it apart from 99.5% of all others in this genre.


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