An Interview with Sharon Webber: Webber BIG VOCABULARY Nouns Photo Cards

Nov 11, 2011 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy
Eastern New Mexico University
Portales, New Mexico

  1. Sharon, I have just received a HUGE box with the title BIG NOUNS. Why did you develop this product?

We created the Webber® BIG VOCABULARY Nouns Photo Cards because, as speech-language pathologists and parents, we know that a child’s word knowledge is critical for academic success. As a child’s vocabulary improves, so does his/her oral and written language skills, reading comprehension, and intelligence. We use photos because they are the easiest for a child to identify.

2) Exactly how many cards are there and who chose these specific nouns?

This set includes 600, full-color 5” x 7” photo cards. Our editors created a “master list” of almost 1000 nouns and then I went through and chose the 600 nouns that I considered to be most important for children to know.

3) Obviously, vocabulary is an important part of our language and communication skills. What age range is this for?

You can use Webber® BIG VOCABULARY Nouns Photo Cards for children PreK and up. Even adults who are learning English or have neurological deficits can benefit from using these cards.

4) Could these cards be used for remediation?

You can use these cards with children of all ages with special needs. They are excellent for naming, describing, identifying attributes, comparing and contrasting, creating sentences, and practicing conversation skills. Each of the cards features an easy-to-identify photo with a white background, making them perfect for children with autism spectrum disorders. These cards are also appropriate for students without special needs. You can use them as writing prompts or to encourage group discussions.

5)  Are there specific categories of these nouns? Like animals or plants or shapes?

Yes, there are 14 different categories: Alphabet (26 cards), Animals (68 cards), Around the Home (80 cards), Clothing and Accessories (55 cards), Colors (12 cards), Food (83 cards), Numbers (11 cards), Occupations (46 cards), Places (70 cards), Plants (20 cards), School (38 cards), Shapes (7 cards), Toys (36 cards), and Transportation (34 cards). The cards vary in number because we wanted to make sure that we covered each category thoroughly. All of the cards are color-coded by category and there are tab cards for each section so you can sort them easily.

6) What else is provided?

The back of each of the cards has a ton of content, including a short, child-friendly definition of the word, three Fun Facts, and three comprehension questions. I love the Fun Facts. They engage the child much more than just simple definitions. There is also an instruction booklet that includes a thumbnail photo of each card and 26 A–Z vocabulary ideas, so you’ll never run out of ways to teach new words.

7) Where can people get more information?

Go to and search for “Big Nouns.” Here you can see samples of the cards and the instruction manual. You can even watch a short Show Me How Video about the cards.

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