An Interview with Shaun Best: Reauthorization of The Traumatic Brain Injury Act

Mar 23, 2012 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

1) Shaun, I understand that the Traumatic Brain Injury Act is about to come up for re-authorization. Can you tell us about this?

This act will better promote protection (prevention) and advocacy, which is what we’ve (Challenged Conquistadors, Inc. or, ) been doing for the last 33 years.

It will expand positive rehabilitation and beneficial community reinforcements to address some of our needs. If we aren’t able to secure it for ourselves, then a problem exists. A positive change is needed today, because we can do more than 5-10 years ago. The way we perceive ourselves often determines our future, Self-Matters.

2) Some say head injury and concussion is a silent epidemic. Your thoughts?

We are, for the most part, misunderstood or ignored. Many don’t see us as recoverable, look at our employment numbers. Many of us are rejected, thus we stay withdrawn, forced exclusion. Few of us succeed, unless we are fortunate like Giffords, Woodruff, etc., then what are we to do for real life?

3) What can the average citizen do? Who should they contact in D.C.?

Please, walk in our shoes; because you don’t know how hard it is until you’ve spent time in our reality. Reality is poverty, unemployed, poor healthcare, headaches, fear of lawsuits, fear factor, etc.

Please call Senator Pryor (202)224-4423, Senator Boozman (202)224-4843, Senator Hatch (202)224-5251, Senator Cochran (202)224-5054, etc., to pass this TBI Act Reauthorization legislation.

4) Why is this important?

Your child may have a child with this cognitive challenge and don’t you expect others to treat them with respect, since this is the United States? We have an obligation to our future generations’ to demonstrate working together for the benefit of all.

5) Are there any organizations that assist individuals with head injury?

Challenged Conquistadors, Inc. and the Brain Injury Association of America does.

6) Do you have a web site or any additional information?

or ,

7 ) What have I neglected to ask?

We need teachers knowledgeable of the cognitive challenges we face and ways to succeed. Examples of recovered success could go a long way in preparing our future adults for the challenges we present and ways to conquer them, both today and tomorrow.

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