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Haberman Star Teacher Selection Interview Training
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“Selection is more important than training”

The Haberman Educational Foundation offers superintendents, principals, site-based teams, and teacher leaders research-based strategies to select teacher sand principals who will be unequivocally successful with at-risk students.


No school is better than its teachers and leaders


For Two Decades, Research Has Shown That Teachers Drive Student Achievement:

1.The effect of teaching on student learning is greater than student ethnicity or family income, school attended by student, or class size.

2.The effect is stronger for poor and/or minority students than for their more affluent and/or white peers, although all groups benefit from effective teachers.

3.The effects accumulate over the years.(“Teacher Quality & Student Achievement Research” Center for Public Education.2005, p. 2).

Teachers Who Succeed Know How to Build Relationships With Students
If a teacher candidate does not understand how to build relationships with students, it doesn’t matter how much content knowledge, experience, or credential strength they may offer.

The Haberman Star Teacher Interview selects mature teachers who can build relationships with students.


The scenario-based interview assesses qualities like persistence, stakeholder focus, ability to translate theory into practice, perception of at-risk behaviors, personal vs. professional behavior, and fallibility. Each component reflects the effective school correlates.

Dr. Martin Haberman is author of the recently acclaimed 2005 publication Star Teachers: the Ideology and Best Practice of Effective Teachers of Diverse Children and Youth in Poverty. All participants receive the new book and the training tool which identifies excellent teachers. In the last 13 years, 260 districts have been trained in this research-based selection protocol. Principal Selection Training is also available.

713-667-6185 or email  to set a date for your school district!


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