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             END Common Core MA submitted its ballot question to the Attorney General’s office with 36 bi-partisan signers. Common Core Standards affect every family in our state.  End Common Core MA believes the time has come to give voters in Massachusetts a voice and a choice in deciding if we want Common Core in Massachusetts now.

Commenting on the decisions which brought our Massachusetts education system to this point, Common Core Validation Committee Member and signer Sandra Stotsky of Brookline said: “From 1999 to 2003, I was in charge of developing or revising Mass State Standards in all main subjects. As a Senior Associate Commissioner in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, I was in a position to ensure the continuous in-depth involvement of Bay State teachers and academic experts in our many institutions of higher education in the development and revision process.  The state’s students would not have been taught a stronger academic curriculum in K-12 after 2000 unless all teachers knew that their own colleagues and academic experts in our State had shaped and approved of both the State’s Standards and MCAS test items.”

Former Secretary of Education for Governor Weld and signer, Michael Sentence of Concord said: “The Massachusetts standards were once the envy of other states with the results placing our students among the educationally elite of the world. Our standards were developed by academics from some of the best universities in the Commonwealth working with talented teachers from our classrooms. If we are to keep our competitive edge, we need to return to those world-class standards.”

State Senator and signer Ryan Fattman (Webster – R) said: “Despite our Commonwealth’s educational success, the Patrick Administration sold Massachusetts standards to gain federal money so that he could shore up a budget deficit and win re-election.  It was a short term solution to what is now a long term problem.”

Signer and State Representative Donald Berthiaume (Spencer, R) said: “The Race to the Top federal grant money is long gone and now our cities and towns are trying to fill the budget gap for Common Core unfunded expenses. It is time for parents, educators, and elected officials to have a voice in whether we want federal or local control over our children’s education.”

Stotsky, a former member of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, continues: “As a member of the Common Core Validation Committee in 2009-2010, I refused to sign off on a form claiming that Common Core’s standards were rigorous, research-based, and internationally comparable or benchmarked.  I knew they weren’t.  I knew that the Bay State had bought a pig in a poke.”  The 36 signers of END Common Core MA agree with the need to End Common Core in Massachusetts; it is inferior to our Massachusetts standards.

Donna Colorio, Chairwoman of the END Common Core MA ballot question (a 22-year Adjunct Professor at Quinsigamond Community College from Worcester), said that the reason she got involved in researching, and now working to repeal Common Core is because of what she learned.  “Common Core is a one-size-fits-all education policy that assumes that every student learns exactly the same.  Politically, this is not a right or a left issue, it is a right or wrong issue. Common Core is wrong.  Common Core standards will prepare our children with empty skill sets and will teach the children what to think, not how to think.”

Signer and State Rep. Kevin Kuros (R – Uxbridge) states: “This ballot initiative will allow us to return to the standards and tests which helped us lead the nation in student performance, and which were developed by our educators specifically for our children.”

CPA, parent and PTA member Shanon Dahlstrom of Chelmsford states: “Ensuring a strong and varied education for my children is my top priority. It is apparent that Massachusetts education leaders are failing our children by implementing the Common Core Standards without any solid or reliable evidence that it will achieve its claim of ‘college and career readiness.’  I refuse to waste any of my children’s education on a system that only benefits curriculum providers, testing companies and technology entities. My children are very young and need a developmentally appropriate education that inspires them to learn and love school.”

Peabody School Committee member and signer David McGeney states: “Since 1985, the Federal Department of Education has spent billions of dollars with virtually no evidence of accomplishment.  It’s unconscionable that Massachusetts, the number one school system in the country, would adopt this unproven and highly-questionable boondoggle.”

Vice President of Liberty Chalkboard and signer Agatha Bodwell (Sandwich) states: “In 2010 a small group of unelected people from the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education made a decision to accept the unproven, untested Common Core Standards instead of utilizing the Massachusetts created standards that had won our state top awards.  Our state has now fallen 5 points in the 2013 National Assessment Educational Progress score, also known as the Nation’s Report Card, which means that since implementing the Common Core Standards in 2010, Mass students have lost half a grade level in learning.  This ballot question allows voters to have a say in the educational future of Massachusetts children.”

Peter Hoogerzeil, of Seekonk, a Social Studies teacher and signer, said: “The reason I signed the ballot question to end Common Core is very simple.  We threw away the best English Language Arts and Math standards in the nation for inferior standards that lower student achievement.  As a public school teacher, I believe we need to restore the 2010 Massachusetts Standards and continue to improve our own, home-grown academic standards with the collaborative spirit inspired by the Education Reform Act of 1993 that made Massachusetts the envy of the nation.”

All of the 36 signers believe the time has come to give Voters in Massachusetts a voice and a choice in deciding if we want End Common Core in Massachusetts now.

Attorney Michael Sullivan, former U.S. Attorney and former candidate for U.S. Senate, is representing END Common Core MA as we move through this ballot initiative process.

            For more information about END Common Core MA please see our website at

Source: ANNOUNCING SIGNERS for END Common Core MA – Press Release

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