Anti-bullying prevention week on cyberbullying

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Manitoba teen has been cyberbullied by a group of young men (age 18) for 5 days until her parents decided to check her insomnia and anxiety problems, reports

A girl of 14 years started chatting with an online stranger, whom we can refer as Z.M according to his nickname in Kik chat. After a day of what it seemed as an innocent chat, the boy added two other friends to the group, who blackmailed her online to send nude pictures and put on a show. They told her that if she had refused, they would have send the conversation to her father.

The problem very soon went beyond online chatting, the girl’s partially nude pictures were sent to all of her friends and she was severely bullied both online and in her school. The online attack was stopped by her father, who responded to the messages himself. Unfortunately, girl is still being bullied online and is called “a nude snapper” by her classmates. She is going through an intense therapy at the moment.

Cyberbullying is defined as a deliberate and repetitive act of tormenting an individual online via social media websites, IM chats and basic texting.

We have gathered the most recent statistics on the issue by parents who are using Pumpic parental control app:

  • 92% of teens use smartphone to go online on a daily basis
  • 51% of children have been cyberbullied online
  • Girls and twice as likely to be bullied online
  • 45% of children experience bullying before 18 years
  • ChildLine counselling sessions have increased by 87% over the last year because of online bullying
  • Cyberbullying is one of the top suicidal factors for teens
  • Only 1 out of 10 victims will inform a parent or trusted adult about online attacks

The problem was firstly raised after a death of a Canadian girl, named Amanda Todd who committed suicide because of cyberbullying. She had posted a video on YouTube where she explained how she was bullied, blackmailed and harassed online. Her online predator was caught in the Netherlands. A men of 33 years at that time was charged with child pornography, fraud and indecent assault.

By now the number of victims who commit suicide because of cyberbullying is rapidly growing. Anti-bullying prevention week, held on the 15th of November through 21st of November 2015 suggested to follow these tips to prevent cyberbullying.

  1. Check the sites your kid’s visits. Make sure you know what he/she is doing online and whom he/she talks to.
  2. Tell your child that you can review his/her online activity to make sure everything is secure.
  3. Friend” or follow your child in Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Have their passwords, tell them that you will only use them in case of emergency.
  5. Monitor their online activity. Choose the appropriate parental control to receive alerts in case of nude pictures or cursing words detected.
  6. Make PC and smartphone rules of use. Set up time limits and encourage your kids to play educational apps.
  7. Explain that cyberbullying hurts. Show your child the stories of Amanda Todd and other cyberbullying victims.
  8. Play celebrity card. Show your child teen celebrities’ cyberbullying stories so that they can see that it is great to be a supporter not a bully.
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