Anti-Common Core Round-up

May 23, 2013 by

CommonCore205x300WaPo: Common Core clash — AFT president fires back at state education officials


Huff Post: Common Core: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Jamie Gass, Director of the Center for School Reform at the Pioneer Institute for Public Policy in Boston has kept me up to date on growing national opposition to the Common Core standards…Jamie has certainly done an effective job of both reporting on and marshaling opposition to Common Core from the right and left ends of the political spectrum.”


MA: Shine light on Common Core


IN: Duncan: Common Core Isn’t The Only Set Of College- And Career-Ready Standards


GA/Atl Journal: Karen Handel: ‘I do not support Common Core’

GA: Most Republicans Support Withdrawal From Common Core


FL radio: FL Department Of Ed Overhaul Runs Into Headwinds Due To Common Core Concerns

KS: Push-back on Common Core not unique to Kansas


KS: FreedomWorks urges Legislature to reject Common Core reading and math standards


WI: Fox Valley group speaks out against Common Core State Standards


WI: Legislature to hold hearings on common core education standards


OH: Common Core math program needs far more study


PA: Pa. Common Core standards took heat, now adoption delayed


NH: Common Core will be a costly burden for students, taxpayers

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