Anti-Israel hostility surges at 100+ colleges

Mar 20, 2016 by

The anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement continues to grab more adherents on and off college campuses across America, as the dominant campus politics aggressively promotes the Palestinian cause in its conflict with Israel — inciting hostilities against Jewish students, faculty and businesses.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) contends that the movement hides behind a façade of condemning the so-called oppression of Palestinians at the hands of stiff-armed Israeli aggressors. They insist that the claim inciting the BDS movement is nothing more than a ruse to lure students’ sentiments against Israel and summons support that justifies anti-Semitism.

“[T]he real aim of BDS — which originated as an effort of members of the Palestinian society — is the destruction of the Jewish State,” ACLJ reports. “On college campuses, the Movement’s efforts have resulted in Jewish students becoming the targets of widespread anti-Semitic activity.”

The numerous Palestinian suicide bombers blowing up Israelis in the name of jihad and launching rockets onto Israeli homes and schools is reportedly not taken to issue by leaders of the BDS movement, which condemns the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for defending Jewish citizens in their own homeland.

According to the latest study published by the pro-Israel AMCHA Initiative on the hostility witnessed on American college and university campuses, the problem has become especially rife in recent months. Its statistics show that last year alone, more than 300 anti-Semitic incidents were documented on 113 campuses nationwide.

After reviewing the report, ACLJ contends that there is a direct connection between hostilities against the Jewish People and the presence of the BDS movement’s organiations on campuses.

“Tellingly, almost every school with an active anti-Israel organization experienced at least one anti-Semitic occurrence during the year,” the legal group points out. “And not surprisingly, the rise in anti-Semitism appears to be directly linked to BDS activity.”

Enough is enough

In order to challenge the encouraged discrimination against Jewish students and professors on campuses, ACLJ has taken action to expose the false teachings about the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation.

“We have defended these individuals against baseless attacks and consistently urged administrators to reject false narratives by these groups that seek to vilify Israel in general and/or specific members of the campus community based on either their Jewish ethnicity or their pro-Israel expression,” the Christian attorneys shared. “In fact, just last week, we succeeded in obtaining [the] dismissal of a student complaint against an Israeli professor at the University of Texas based on a lack of any credible evidence against our client.”

For the past few years, numerous incidents have been reported on campuses — from Nazi-German swastikas spray painted on the dorms of Jewish-American students to the outright condemnation and harassment of students and faculty who support Israel’s right to protect its own people against Islamic attacks backed by the terrorist-run Palestinian government.

“While we remain committed to protecting the right to freedom of speech for all, it is imperative that those in charge on our nation’s campuses recognize these situations for what they are — abuses of that right intended to harass, denigrate, and marginalize supporters of Israel — and clearly communicate that such conduct will not be tolerated,” ACLJ asserts.

With the persistent attacks against Jewish students and professors on campuses at the hands of Palestinian sympathizers ascribing to the BDS movement, the government has recently taken initiative to counter the discrimination through legislation.

“We are encouraged to see a number of state legislatures recognizing the bigoted nature of the BDS Movement, with several enacting — and others in the process of considering — measures that ‘prohibit the state from engaging in business transactions with companies that participate in boycotts of Israel or Israeli companies,’” the attorneys stated.

Inciting more action its own, ACLJ has collected more than 125,000 signatures through its online “Protect Jewish Students on Campus” petition to make sure that the politically correct racism promoted on campuses comes to an abrupt halt and is no longer tolerated.

“It is time for our colleges and universities to take note and act in similar fashion by unequivocally denouncing anti-Semitism in all its forms and taking decisive action against anti-Jewish discrimination on campus,” the Christian lawyers declare.


Source: Anti-Israel hostility surges at 100+ colleges

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