Anti-Obama Protests in Egypt

Jul 1, 2013 by

Obama’s legacy. History will not be kind to the Muslim Brothehrood stooge in the White House. Imagine, Obama send Morsi 140,000 canisters of tear gas. They won’t soon forget.

Obama in Egypt

Massive anti-Muslim Brothehrood protests in Egypt via twitpic
Obama morsi
Another sign in Tahrir where thousands of anti-protesters are says “Obama support dictator Morsi
“Reporter’s Notebook: Millions March in Egypt Protests” ABC News, June 30, 2013

CAIRO, Egypt — A sea of bobbing heads hoisting Egyptian flags high spilled out of Tahrir Square as drivers pulled their cars over on the October 6 Bridge to watch the scene below. A long procession of others walked down Ramses Street in the direction of the presidential palace.

We’ve covered a lot of protests in Egypt since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, but the last time we’d seen anything on this massive scale was in the days following Jan. 25, 2011, when the revolution started against him.

As night fell today, it quickly became clear the size of the June 30 protests by opponents of President Mohammed Morsi would eclipse those seen during the revolution. Egypt’s CBC cable channel showed a split-screen of high shots of the various protests, each box revealing a staggering number of Egyptians walking and chanting.

Obama’s Epic Failure in Egypt: Millions march in Anti-Morsi, Anti-Obama Protests – Atlas Shrugs.

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