Anti-Trump Revolutionists: Democrat Party + Indivisible + MoveOn + Antifa + Communist Party USA

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by William F. Jasper –

The anti-Trump “Resistance” is still exultant following their electoral victories on November 6. They have tasted blood and are eager for more in 2020. One of the most prominent groups taking a victory lap is Indivisible, the organization that, among its more notorious activities, orchestrated disruptions of congressional Republicans’ town hall meetings nationwide.

As we have recently reported (“‘Indivisible’ Anti-Trump Strategy: Obstruct. Disrupt. Sabotage. Delay. Defame. Accuse. Investigate. Agitate. Impeach.”), MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow promoted the organization’s newly released handbook, “Indivisible on Offense: New Congress, New Indivisible Strategy,” on her November 13 broadcast. In addition, she featured Indivisible co-founder Ezra Levin, whom she has promoted several times previously.

What Maddow failed to mention are the ties between Indivisible and the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Ditto for the rest of her Fake News media comrades, who strain to find a no-name “right-wing extremist,” “fascist,” or “white nationalist” they can connect (no matter how ridiculously and tenuously) to President Trump or some other Republican/conservative, but blindly ignore numerous straightforward ties of hardcore communists to leading Democrats. Yes, we’re talking about that same criminal gang of hardline CPUSA Reds that slavishly toed the Kremlin line and was subsidized and controlled by Moscow throughout the Cold War. Yes, that same criminal CPUSA gang that gave us traitors such as Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, and the Rosenbergs and their atom bomb spy ring. Yes, the same CPUSA that stalwartly supported and defended the mass-murdering regimes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, et al.

Yes, the Indivisible folks and their comrades who are screaming the loudest about “Trump-Russia collusion” are totally in sync with the CPUSA communists who served as the main agents of Soviet Russia for the better part of a century. In fact, according to the CPUSA, its Communist Party members are also activist members of Indivisible. The same is true for many of the other militantly anti-Trump legions that link arms with Indivisible, such as, Working Families Party, Swing Left, Make The Road, Black Lives Matter, ANSWER, and more.

A celebratory article in the CPUSA’s People’s World on November 13 (the same day Indivisible’s Ezra Levin appeared on MSNBC), entitled “Midterms were a big victory, but future Democratic gains not guaranteed,” reads as if it could have been ripped from Indivisible’s website.

“This was a major repudiation of Trump, the GOP, and right-wing policies — including white supremacy, anti-immigrant hate, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and denial of the climate crisis,” the article by Communist Party Chairman John Bachtell exults. “A majority of people voted against GOP candidates. Despite losing three seats held by incumbents, Democratic Senate candidates got close to 45 million votes and Republicans just 33 million (57 percent to 42 percent).”

“In addition to flipping over 30 seats to win the House majority,” Bachtell continues, “Democrats flipped seven governorships, over 330 state legislative seats, multiple state legislatures, and broke supermajorities in others.” “However,” warns the CPUSA chief, “tens of millions of white voters are still under the sway of toxic hate peddled by Trump, the vast right-wing mass media, and right-wing fundamentalist white evangelical churches.”

“There is no way forward,” says Bachtell, “without taking on this toxic stew of hateful ideas and organizing a united multi-racial movement against racism, anti-immigrant hate, misogyny, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and Islamophobia. Without decisive unity, our multi-racial working class will not be able to play a leading role in the social transformation to a more equitable society.”

There you have it, the standard line: racism, anti-immigrant hate, misogyny, anti-Semitism, homophobia, Islamophobia. However, it’s not just that the the Communist Party — the party of mass-murderers Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, et al — and Indivisible share similar rhetoric. They actually work together. They’re comrades in the revolution. Don’t take my word for it. Bachtell, the top guy at the Communist Party USA, says so.

In an exhortation to the party faithful on the CPUSA’s own website, Comrade Bachtell noted that “most [CPUSA] members are involved in their communities and in a range of labor, social justice, environmental and peace organizations.”

The CPUSA boss went on to detail some of the ways his Communist minions are working with — and inside — many of the agitating groups, including Indivisible. He stated:

Among the labor activists are trade union leaders and members of central labor councils, retiree organizations, Jobs with Justice and the Fight for 15.

Others are involved in feminist organizations including Planned Parenthood, defense of abortion clinics and the new #MeToo movement.

Many are involved in racial justice groups including Black Lives Matter and the NAACP, immigrant rights, LGTBQ organizations and disability rights groups.

Members were involved with Bernie Sanders campaign and are continuing their activism in Our Revolution, Swing Left, Indivisible, Working Families Party, statewide groups like the New Virginia Majority and local Democratic Party groups and 2018 electoral campaigns.

CPUSA: Midterms “Are a Matter of Life and Death”

For those who have been tracking the many anti-Trump disruptions, the Communist Party involvement and leadership come as no surprise; it has been one of the constants in virtually all the leftist movements of the past century. The Communist Party’s reach and influence have always belied its actual numbers. While never the mass movement it claims to be, the CPUSA has, nevertheless, launched and shaped mass movements, both by relentlessly creating a profusion of front groups on every issue imaginable (racism, LGBT rights, environment, gender equality, poverty, welfare, civil rights, healthcare, anti-war, anti-imperialism, etc.) and by insinuating its members into the leadership of already existing liberal-left groups, unions, and the staffs of elected officials.

The CPUSA, like communist parties the world over, has followed Lenin’s directives to work with and co-opt other socialist and liberal organizations and movements, known as “united front” and “popular front” strategies. In the “united front,” Moscow-directed communist parties allied with other revolutionary “workers” parties and organizations. In the “popular front,” communist parties expanded their alliance to include liberals, social reformers, intellectuals, students, celebrities, and others. In practice, the united/popular fronts have become essentially indistinguishable one from the other. In his 1901 “What Is To Be Done?” essay, Lenin wrote: “Only those who have no self-reliance can fear to enter into temporary alliances even with unreliable people; not a single political party could exist without entering into such alliances.”

In his 1922 speech, “On the Significance of Militant Materialism,” Lenin emphasized the necessity of the “Communist vanguard” allying with non-Communists. “I think that this alliance of Communists and non-Communists is absolutely essential,” he declared. “A vanguard performs its task as vanguard only when it is able to avoid being isolated from the mass of the people it leads and is able really to lead the whole mass forward,” the Soviet leader said, noting further that “Without an alliance with non-Communists in the most diverse spheres of activity there can be no question of any successful communist construction.”

In the United States, the CPUSA united front/popular front strategy reached its acme during the President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal era, when mass-murdering Josef “Uncle Joe” Stalin was our “noble ally.” For Stalin, of course, the alliance with the United States was merely a temporary exigency to be exploited in the furtherance of Communist global conquest. In his speech “The International Situation and the Defense of the USSR,” deliveredto the Joint Plenum of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Stalin declared: “A united front can have revolutionary significance only if and when it does not hinder the Communist Party from conducting its independent political and organizational work, only if it does not prevent it from organizing the proletariat into an independent political force.”

Not only were the Communist united front organizing efforts not hindered during FDR’s reign, but Stalin was able to place agents of influence, such as Harry Hopkins, Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White (and many others), into the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Interior, State, Treasury, and War, as well as the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, precursor to the CIA), the Foreign Economic Administration (FEA), the Farm Security Administration (FSA), and the White House.

Among the many CPUSA enunciations of its current united front strategy, particularly in relation to the recent midterm elections, is an article by Joelle Fishman, who is chair of the Political Action Commission, CPUSA. Entitled “All in for unity, solidarity and get out the vote,” the Fishman exhortation on the CPUSA website, proclaims: “This is an extraordinary election year. There is horror and there is hope. These elections will mark either a step toward or a step back from growth of fascism in our country.”

“The CPUSA National Committee is charged with adopting a strategic plan that will engage the entire Party in the 2018 elections and in movement building,” Comrade Fishman explains. “We have a responsibility to adapt and employ the united front strategy in today’s conditions while at the same time organizing onto the offensive for a radical restructuring of our economy and society.”

Fishman directs CPUSA members to continue expanding their efforts with (and within) Indivisible, MoveOn, Black Lives Matter, AFL-CIO, Working Families Party, People’s Climate Movement, Poor People’s Campaign, and “progressive forces coming out of the Bernie Sanders campaign.”

In another urgent appeal to the Communist Party militants just weeks before the November 6 elections, Fishman stated: “The November 8 [sic] elections are the front line of the class struggle. These elections are a matter of life and death for the working class and for our planet itself.”

Marching hand in hand with the Clinton-Pelosi Democrats, Indivisible, MoveOn, the Working Families Party, et al, the Communist Party USA is carrying forward the same collective, subversive strategy to make America “ungovernable.” (See, for instance, here, here, here, and here,)

With control of the House in the next Congress, they intend to obstruct, disrupt, sabotage, subvert, delay, defame, accuse, investigate, agitate, ad impeach.

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Source: Anti-Trump Revolutionists: Democrat Party + Indivisible + MoveOn + Antifa + Communist Party USA

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