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Jan 29, 2017 by

There are times when the relationship between cause and effect is clear and indisputable. A world-class athlete shot a dozen times in the head and torso at close range can be reasonably assumed to have perished by the rifle. Is it necessary to speculate whether the cause of death may actually have been a root-canal infection?

Those who say yes are more likely to be agents of deceit than sticklers for truth.When a teacher who has consistently gotten nothing but praise and positive results, first expresses a pro-union sentiment, especially a desire to organize or invite the presence of one, whereupon there is a sudden onslaught of hostilities culminating in her termination (in the absence of any conflict, job performance or relationship issues), is her case not analogous to the world-class athlete?

Imagine the aerial view of humanity in DC at the recent Inaugural and the day after, and that every dot in the throng represented a school system, political leadership, clandestine string-puller, organized movement flush with money and influence, or court action to thwart the certification or effectiveness of teacher unions.

That’s a microcosm of today’s America.

Worse than the retreat from workers rights is the widespread social acceptability of being untroubled, even buoyed by it. Such anti-unionism, like the pathological denial of the right to a minimum wage, were unthinkable a generation ago but almost conventionally embraced now.

Rights such as due-process, workplace environment safety, vacation and sick days, salary consistent with a sustainable albeit tenuous middle-class lifestyle, family leave and child care, and pensions are being contested and increasingly shot down.

Brutish greed is being re-classified as an entrepreneurial virtue and shamelessly glorified by some of the same folks who would not miss a service at their house of worship.

Hypocrisy crowns our eroding and retrograde democracy. Many who profess to share indignation at this truth exemplify it no less than their targets.  Pointing fingers at hypocrisy is no less efficacious than stabbing one’s shadow. And if its practitioners could all be run through with a bayonet, there wouldn’t be enough of us left standing for a game of solitaire.

So against this lamentable backdrop, it makes sense, in a perverted way that falls within the spectrum of the new normalcy, re-calibrated from the pre-civil service dark ages, that , according to a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board, a particular charter school in the Bronx has strong-armed teachers at a compulsory staff meeting there to sign a petition that would decertify the existing union.

This is a local battle in a nationwide war. How it is settled will not turn the tide, but may stem it. In these volcanic times, that would be a telling, albeit hopefully preliminary victory.

Ron Isaac

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