New AP U.S. history course will make kids want to ‘sign up for ISIS’

Oct 1, 2014 by

Ben Carson – The new Advanced Placement U.S. history framework has become the target of intense criticism from conservatives who charge that it is anti-American, the latest attack coming on Monday from potential GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, a famed pediatric neurosurgeon who said that “most people” who complete the course would then be “ready to sign up for ISIS.”

Conservatives have said that the new history framework – being used this fall in classrooms around the country — does not highlight American achievements or mention key American historical figures but spends a lot of time talking about America’s worst period. Top officials at the College Board, which owns the Advanced Placement program, have said there is nothing anti-American about the document. College Board President David Coleman and AP program head Trevor Packer have both rejected the criticism, noting that the controversial framework is not a full curriculum but an outline for teachers to design their own lesson plans according to individual state requirements.

AP courses do not come prepackaged, giving teachers freedom to develop their own curriculum and lesson plans. The previous framework, which was updated after teachers complained that it had too much in it and did not allow students time to delve deeply into any particular subject, did not include specific names or dates either. The authors of the new framework issued a public letter recently that said in part:

via Ben Carson: New AP U.S. history course will make kids want to ‘sign up for ISIS’ – The Washington Post.

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