Apartment Vs dorm – what should you choose?

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Being admitted to a university is a huge win for you. If you haven’t decided where to study after you graduate high school you should definitely consider the USA because it offers numerous options available in its universities. You can study subjects like biology, nursing, engineering, economics, MBA, computer science and many other ones. Once you’ll choose what subject and university you prefer, you’ll have to decide the type of accommodation you prefer. Enrolling in the university is a great change in your life, part because you make the big move and you leave your parents’ house.

There are plenty of options when it comes to student accommodation, but the two most popular ones are living on campus and renting or buying your own house. But which one of them is the best choice for you?

Do you want privacy?

If you stay in a dorm, you can forget about privacy because you’ll probably share it with one or more roommates. If you prefer to have your own room, staying in a dorm can be a big problem, and you may find it difficult to adjust. If you’ll get your own apartment you’ll not have privacy problems, you’ll focus on learning, and you can even adopt a pet. When you have your own place, no one will bother you during the study time. In a dorm, people are constantly coming and leaving. If you’ll decide to have a roommate the apartment space will be bigger compared with the dorm one, and every one of you’ll have your own room.

While some dorms have bathrooms in every room, many others don’t and you’ll have to share the showers and toilets with other people.

Can you comply with the dorm rules?

If you decide to live in a dorm, you will have to follow some rules. Most of the dorms have a common set of interdictions you cannot have visitors of the opposite sex, how late can the visitors stay in the dorm, what pets are allowed if they are allowed at all, how late you can stay out of the dorm, and other similar ones. Also, you can expect your room to be inspected periodically, and you will have to regularly see the Resident Advisor.

If you have your own house you won’t have to follow the same rules. Being the owner of the house means that you decide the rules. In case you decide to rent and not buy the place then you’ll have to follow the lease agreement, but there are no rules stating you cannot have visitors or who can visit you. However, even if you buy or rent an apartment or house you’ll still have to keep the noise down to not bother the other residents. When staying in a rented apartment it’s not surprising the landlord to show unexpectedly for inspections.

Do you have a budget?

Sometimes the factor that influences the choice is the sum you will have to pay for accommodation. Alongside the sum, you’ll have to pay monthly for your housing you should also try to estimate the budget you need to pay your utilities, food and other amenities you’ll need. In most of the cases, your apartment rent doesn’t include these expenses, so you’ll have to pay for food, internet access and utility bills. However, even if you may find it hard to believe, depending on the university you choose, renting or even buying an apartment may be cheaper than staying in a dorm. Based on the location of the university the price can vary extensively.

If your parents are willing to buy you your own place then you should know that the homes in North Scottsdale are sold at affordable prices. And once you are the owner of the house you can decide if you want to have a roommate and to rent one of the rooms. Once you graduate, you can sell the house if you decide to move to another city or you can rent it and earn some extra cash.

However if you do not afford to rent or buy your own house you should know that many universities offer financial aid money to help students pay for their board costs and accommodation if they decide to live in campus. The financial aid comes with a condition, it has to go back to the school and you will not be able to use the money to pay for off-campus accommodation. You can use the funds to pay for your meals and housing.

What other considerations are important?

Having your own place during university years has its own advantages, so does the campus accommodation. When you decide which one of the options is the best one for you, you should also consider some important aspects.

  • What the walking distance to the university is
  • Do you have to pay for transportation?
  • Do you afford to pay a security deposit if the landlord asks for one? Most of the times the proprietor asks you to pay rent in advance even if you do not use the apartment immediately.
  • Are you willing to furnish the house? If you decide to buy or rent an apartment, you’ll have to furnish it with at least a bed, dresser and a desk. However, some accommodation facilities have these amenities, so you’ll have to search for one according to your preferences.
  • Are you ready for the obligations an apartment comes with? When staying alone you’ll have to clean, shop for food, cook your meals, pay the utilities, and repair the damages. If you want to focus entirely on studying you should choose a dorm because the list of things you have to do is shorter than the one above.

Both accommodation solutions come with their advantages and drawbacks, you have to consider them and choose the right one for you. And if you find staying in a dorm an awful thing, you can switch for an apartment whenever you want.

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