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There are two things most people know about Apple. Their products are reliable and expensive. Most people shy away from buying Apple products just because they are priced higher than a lot of other computers. Still they will remain working for a long time, and require little in the way of know-how. This makes Apple computers some of the best for schools and universities. Luckily, since Apple knows this and wants to get further into the education market, they have started providing discounts to those who either attend school or work at one. These discounts are available in both the United States and the United Kingdom. How can you get a discount? Read on to find out.

What are the Discounts on?

There are discounts available mostly for computer and iPads, but sometimes other items, such as authentic watches are included as well. While there is not a stock ratio discount, there are set discounted prices for each product. These discounts are available for students as well as education workers like teachers, lecturers, administrators, and other staff. If you fit this description, when you get your discount at the Apple Education Store, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars on many Apple products. According to the site MoneyPug, which is used as a way to find cheap mobile phone insurance, there aren’t any savings on iPhones, Apple TVS, or Apple Watches, but the Education Store can be your way to get a discounted computer for school or work.

Who All is Eligible?

To obtain a discount from the Apple Education Store, you have to be an employee at an educational institution or a student there. This means that even janitors, librarians, admin staff, and other employees can also get a discount on some Apple products. In the UK, it doesn’t matter if it is a public or private institution, you will still be able to get a discount. Parents can’t get anything slashed off of their computers, but they can get the student discount if they are buying for their child of course. Post-secondary students can also be eligible.

How Do I Take Advantage of the Savings?

To get a discount in the UK, you will first need to use UNiDAYS to access the Education Store. Enter your email address, make a password, and input your name, institution, subject of study, year of graduation, and length of the course. Just like that, you will be signed up and ready to take advantage of the savings. In the US, you don’t need a log in ID or anything. The store will ask for some sort of verification, evidence that you are in fact a current student or employee of an educational institution. This comes in many forms but it can be a current student or employee ID card. The store can ask for this verification at any time, and will likely negate your discount if you don’t have the proper identification.

What are Some Other Discounts?

When you are looking to buy products directly for your educational institution, Apple has a store specifically for this. Visit the Apple Store for Schools and Universities. First you need to register with Apple before you can purchase anything, but the shopping at the store is a lot like buying products from a regular Apple Store, only there are better prices. All you have to do is log onto your institution’s network and offer some form of identification.

It is also possible to get discounts on Apple products through insurance. Some insurers offer to cover the cost of the phone as a part of your policy contract. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the insurance won’t be expensive, it is a good way to get a discount on the phone itself.

Finally the Apple Refurbished Store sells products that were once worn or broken before they were fixed. There are even more products available here, not just tablets and computers. This is a great way to get something cheaper if you’re not a student or an employee of a school.

But if you are someone who works at or attends a school, you can get a discount on Apple products. Just put in the time and you will be surfing the web on your brand new computer, ready for work, school, and everything else life has in store.

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