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Here’s how to stay connected with students, parents and colleagues in today’s tech savvy world.

Technology is an integral part of every aspect of education. Have you ever wondered how smartphone apps can help school leaders improve their productivity and their duties? After testing over 50 apps for one school year, here a few that have not gotten deleted. Today there are many apps that are beneficial for schools in a myriad of ways. Apps can help administrators or even allow leaders to protect the children in their care. Here is a list of the best apps for school leaders. They are all readily available and have a proven record of success. These apps can help a school superintendent or principal to work more efficiently and effectively.  Today’s apps allow principals to be more productive, encourage collaboration, communication, and help to create a genuine learning community.

Cyberbully Hotline Mobile App

This app allows students to anonymously report bullying to their teacher or school principal. Bullying is a serious issue in schools and every educator must have a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of violence and intimidation. This app is great because it helps school leaders to prevent bullying. This app is a hotline which children who are bullied and who witness bullying can use. Students can report bullying directly to their principal or teachers and this can prevent children suffering at the hands of a bully.  A child can instantly contact a member of the school staff and they can intervene. This app is free and available for android and Apple devices.

Common Core Standards

This free app allows school leaders the ability to access the CCSS for English Language Arts and Mathematics.  It can help school leaders to make sure that the CCSS are being implemented in their school.  A school leader can access the standards at any time on the go and help him or her to ensure that the school is adhering to the guidelines. There’s a new app for the Next Generation Science Standards.  This  Common Core Standards app is available to download for all mobile devices.


A school leader is always on the move and they are usually doing several things at once. For you to manage you time better, Evernote is ideal.  This app allows you to gather, organize your notes and share them with your colleagues. You can even add links, images and tables to your notes.   This allows school leaders to share ideas and to increase collaboration. What is great about Evernote is that it allows handwriting to be uploaded and this means that you are unlikely to forget any ideas or appointments. This app requires one to join the Evernote platform and it is suitable for tablets and mobile phones. Evernote basic is free but Evernote premium is a subscription service.

SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard

This app is available from the Google play store. SyncSpace is available for both Android and iPad but both have somewhat different features. This app allows a school leader to have a zoomable drawing space that works like a virtual whiteboard.  Anyone can write ideas and images with this app on their device just like a real whiteboard. What is great about this app is that it shares these images with school staff. A principal can share a link to the document that they just created and share ideas with others which in turn increases collaboration with teachers.   This is a free app.


This is a great app for busy school leaders. Every school principal and superintendent has a list of things to do every day. This app allows you to organize to-do lists and what is great is that you can share them with others. The app allows one to set reminders so that one does not forget anything- essential for a busy school principal or superintendent. The Wunderlist app is available for download on all mobile devices and tablets.


AudioNote  is a unique app. In that it allows end-users to take notes and is a voice recording app. This is a great tool for that busy school leader. It will save time and make sure that everything is organized in the notes and that nothing is forgotten.  The note-taking and the audio features are integrated and this means that all your notes are indexed and this makes everything so easy to find. Important meetings can be recorded to review them later.  All that needs to be done is to tap notes to find which recording you want to hear.  All of the notes and audio can be shared with others via emails or icloud. This app works on all devices.  A fee is required to download this app.


This is a great app that allows a school leader to engage with students. All too often school leaders are too busy to engage with students and parents even though this engagement is critical for parents and the success of the school.  This app allows leaders to engage and communicate with students and even parents. ClassDojo is a safe, and ever so simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students. A school leader can share feedback, documents or images with children and their parents and this can help foster a learning community and help students to secure better outcomes.  Teachers can use this app to relate to a student if their behavior is appropriate or inappropriate by simply clicking on an icon. This app is free to download from the Google Play Store and can be used on every major smartphone and tablet.

Observation 360

Every school leader needs to observe their teachers to ensure that they are engaged in the best teaching practices. Observation 360 is the only tool that allows school leaders to record the observation process. It can be used to record teacher observations and to link them to the resources that are needed to improve their level of training.  This app allows a school leader to develop a personal plan for every teacher based on the recorded observations. This app can help give teachers the support that they need, to make the school even better.

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