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David Coleman, architect of Common Core Standards, has been chosen as the next president of the College Board (producer of SAT and Advanced Placement tests). I am very concerned about this cozy relationship that Coleman means to create between the Common Core Standards and the SAT/AP.


Even people who send their children to private schools and/or homeschool them will be impacted by this decision to align the SAT/AP tests with the Common Core Standards.


The SAT/AP are generally tests that follow knowledge-based, academic knowledge – more aligned with Type #1 Philosophy of Education.


The Common Core Standards are definitely an attempt to drive our public schools completely into Type #2 Philosophy of Education.


Type #1’s end goal is academic achievement. Type #2’s end goal is the indoctrination and manipulation of students’ minds.


For more clarity about these two terms, please read:


3.26.12 — “Two Education Philosophies with Two Different Goals” — by Donna Garner





Excerpt from today’s EducationWeek article:


Robert Scott, the commissioner of education in Texas, who has known Mr. Coleman for more than a decade, described him as “one of the brightest minds out there, an absolute genius” in thinking about what skills and knowledge schoolchildren need to thrive in college and in good jobs. But the two men differ sharply on how to advance those changes; Texas pointedly opted out of the common standards because it objected to the use of federal incentives, such as Race to the Top dollars, to promote adoption.

Some education activists saw in Mr. Coleman’s appointment the risk of creating too much uniformity in curriculum and tests.


Published Online: May 16, 2012


Incoming College Board Head Wants SAT to Reflect Common Core

By Catherine Gewertz

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