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Architecture Career Tips For Interested Millennials

Oct 1, 2018 by

Architecture careers are nowadays more complicated than in the past. Millennials often struggle as they are faced with pitfalls they simply have no idea how to go over. There are many different things that you can do in order to increase the possibility of having a successful architecture career. However, in this article we will only mention tips that are particularly useful for millennials.

Stop Complaining

The really common complaint that appears in the entire architecture community is that salary is too low. The idea is that architects are going to school for a really long time and then end up earning much less than they should. This is a very bad way to look at things. If we take a look at the top student housing architects and standalone architects in the world, salary is so much higher than the average. That is what you need to be focused on. You want to go towards the higher salary and keep an eye on your goals.

Current salary is not something you have to think about. When you are stuck you need to take steps towards the next ladder on the career path. Staying positive is a really important skill in practically the entire professional environment. It is not just the architect that complains about salary when starting out.

Be As Productive As Possible

When you are at work you need to actually work in order to become better and to grow. Unfortunately, many millennials end up distracted by social media and modern technology. This is why so many firms around the world implemented policies that block the use of social media when at work.

If you get a job, you need to work when you are at work. You do not need to stay until 10 PM simply because others do that. The goal needs to be really high productivity. If you have a well-planned eight-hour work day, you can do as much as others do in 14 hours. The best thing you can do is to create a good task list. Do this every single morning and go through it. Email pop-up notifications should be turned off and if the noise bothers you, wear earbuds.

Minimize Distractions

As already hinted, distractions are numerous in the life of the millennial. You need to stay off your phone. Just check it before you go to work, during lunch and when the work day is over. In the event that there is a true emergency, you can react, of course, but in most cases the emergencies we have to deal with can easily wait a few hours. Also, remember that you can always get in touch with people in many ways. Simply have a different emergency number that rings instead of vibrating.

Always Learn

Last but not least, you should never stop learning. The more you learn, the better you are at your job. This is particularly true in an area like architecture. There is always something new you can learn, something that someone did and new laws that you have to be aware of. Also, you can read self-help books, career books, architecture books and more that would actually help you with your career.

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