Are Texas Public Schools Really Hungery for Funds?

Jan 19, 2013 by

donna_garnerthe funding that we have seen in the state of Texas for public education has been pretty phenomenal. 

by Donna Garner

According to Texas Education News (1.21.13), Gov. Rick Perry stated on Jan. 9:

We’ve had public education funding growing at three times the public education enrollment. So, you’ve had a 70 percent increase of funding from 2002 to 2012. You’ve had a 23 percent increase in enrollment growth…I think under any scenario over the last decade, the funding that we have seen in the state of Texas for public education has been pretty phenomenal. 

The educator groups immediately put up a weak rebuttal to Gov. Perry’s statement by referencing Education Week’s Quality Counts national state school report that gave Texas an “F” for school spending.  However, the same report rated Texas very high in the two categories that really count: an A- in Standards, Assessments & Accountability with an A in Transitions & Alignment.

This means that Texas ranked in the highest category for its new curriculum standards (TEKS), its new STAAR/End-of-Course tests, and its early childhood, college readiness, and economy/workforce criteria.

Our state is on the road to authentic education reform if the Legislature will step back and allow the implementation of the new standards, new tests, and new accountability system to continue as planned.

If public school administrators will stop wasting millions of school dollars on fallacious programs such as CSCOPE and allow Texas teachers the freedom to teach what is in the new standards, our future workforce will graduate with the skills they need to help Texas stay strong economically.

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