Are You in the Military? Advance in Your Career with These 5 Tips

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Are you currently in the military and looking to advance in your career? The opportunities for success in your job are out there; you need to take steps to make it happen. Learn from these five steps to continue your job experience as you look for military-friendly online colleges.

  1. Continue to Learn and Expand Your Skills

While you’re still on-duty, you can look for military-friendly online colleges to expand your skills and earn an advanced degree. It’s worth developing a skill set that will be valuable in your future as you seek a job in a new career field.

Seek out education opportunities by taking online classes. As you take online courses, be open to accepting and using constructive criticism to help you become better in your field of study. Then reflect on what you were taught and use it to expand your current skill set. Online courses will help you continue to sharpen your skills, expand your qualifications, which will show you’re resourceful and proactive when it comes to advancing in your career.

You will also want to create a professional development plan. You will want to ask for feedback or implement strategies as you seek out new solutions, take note of the progress you have made, and look over the benefits of the job you want.

  • Make Sure to Keep Your Resume Up-To-Date

Whether you are actively looking for a new job right now or plan to in the future, you will want to keep your resume up-to-date. You never know when an opportunity will present itself to advance in your career or apply to a new position.

Make sure you are only including relevant experience on your resume. Take out any irrelevant information depending on the job you want. Don’t include everything on your resume. You should only include jobs within the past 10-15 years. When adding job experience to your resume, you want to list them in reverse chronological order. Also, if you have done any training, taken classes, or have other relevant experience, add it to your resume. And always remember to call attention to important accomplishments and achievements.

Having a professional resume is vitally important. Make sure you are using a professional email address. Also, be consistent with font, which includes the size, italics, or bold. Try using simple subheadings or use a professional template. You might want to include links to professional websites, blogs, or anything relevant to the job.

Finally, consider having more than one resume for different potential job opportunities. Since most jobs have a description, look for keywords in the job you want to get and use them in resume.

  • Find a Mentor or Become One

Finding a professional mentor can help guide you through your career by sharing their experiences and offer practical advice. Some things to look for when finding a mentor include:

  • Find someone in your profession (doesn’t have to be the same job)
  • Find someone who demonstrates the character traits you admire
  • Find someone you respect and want to learn from

You want to make sure you ask the person to engage in a professional mentorship relationship with you. You will want to define what that means and how the relationship will work. 

After you have gone through a mentorship with someone, you can become a mentor and help someone benefit from the knowledge you have gained. Share advice, help another person grow, while expanding your leadership skills. You should approach the mentorship relationship the same way you would when finding a mentor for yourself. Set clear expectations and find someone who will benefit from the mentorship.

  • Make Sure You Are a Good Leader, Follower, and Team Player

You don’t have to be in a leadership position to become a good leader. As a leader, you also need to be willing to be a follower and open to new ideas. A leader is also a team player who is involved with everyone they work with. You want to make sure you continue to be efficient with your time, stay focused, and success will follow.

You will want to build your network and get to know the right people and impress them with your work and work ethics. People are always observing you and your work, so make sure to build a strong network. You might want to look into finding local network groups, join events, use LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to find professional groups. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are always proactive.

  • Take Smart Risks and Manage Your Career

Once you’re done finding the right military-friendly online college, you can work towards your future career goals. Set goals for yourself and forge your new career path. Ask for more responsibilities in your current position.

Don’t wait to be sent by your boss to take part in activities that could help you in your career. Take the initiative and sign up for training courses, conferences, and other opportunities for  helping others with your leadership skills.

Finally, share your accomplishments with the people you’ll meet. Make suggestions to your boss and help to implement your ideas. Or promote yourself by letting people know about your accomplishments. Either way, you want to be able to motivate others while showing your leadership skills.

You can seek out coaching from others who are leaders in their field. Or motivate others and show your leadership skills. Make suggestions to your boss and help to implement your ideas. Don’t wait for others to notice the strives you made in your career. Do self-promotion by letting people know your accomplishments.

Final Thoughts

These are just five tips that will help you advance in your military career. Take the time to look for new job opportunities where you can grow your leadership skills and continue on your journey to make an impact.

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