Are Your Children Really Protected Online?

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In 2018, it is difficult to find a 12-year old who doesn’t have a smartphone or who is not aware of what the Internet is. Similarly to their parents and most adults, children and teenagers have their own accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It is hard to keep your child completely away from this online world in the age of mobile computing, when everything is somehow based on technology and software.

But there are always two sides to every story. Being able to study computing science and to get an understanding of what the Internet is and how it works is a great opportunity for a modern generation. But at the same time, it is a huge downside. Not only because your children spend more time with smartphones than with their real friends, but also because of the dangers the Internet hides. The issue of privacy and online security concerns not only governmental organizations and big corporations, but average Internet users as well, including kids of course. So, if you’re interested in keeping your child away from the dangers of the global net, read A Guide to Protecting Children’s Privacy Online  or this Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety to be sure that personal and financial information about your family is absolutely protected.


VPN for Everyday Use

A VPN stands for a virtual private network. To make a long story short, it is a piece of software, based on tunnelling and encryption technology, created for secure communications on the network. Whenever you connect to a VPN, every operation you do online and every traffic you send and receive become absolutely protected and unreachable for others. This includes both a home network and a public network.

The principle is quite simple. You pick a service, download it, install, and connect whenever you go online. Just take your child’s smartphone, choose a VPN accordingly to the OS it has, and install a VPN. Check to see the whole list of VPNs available on the market.


Why not use a simple antivirus? Don’t confuse the notion of an antivirus program and a VPN software. They are two different programs, with two different principles of work. A VPN is aimed at online communication specifically. So, when you connect your child’s smartphone to a VPN, you won’t care whether exactly your kid is going to go online – in the library, in the department store, while travelling with you abroad, etc.

By the way, you might want to have a VPN as well. Why?

  • It is an essential program for those who travel a lot, as it gives an unlimited access to any geographically restricted content.
  • It helps with browsing anonymously by hiding your real IP address.
  • It allows you to unblock the Netflix channel in any country you want.

As you can see, a VPN is a very universal tool both for children and adults, and for protecting the data, as well as improving your Internet experience with unlimited content.

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