Arizona Deputizes All Residents As Teachers

May 22, 2017 by

The Republican Governor and Arizona legislature have in effect expanded the professional horizon of tree surgeons by authorizing them to perform prostate biopsies.

Before this practice is launched, however, there will be experimental trials of this initiatives using as subject, the standby guinea-pig of professions: education. It is the one most ripe for annulment as traditionally practiced.

The state of Arizona believes, according to its elected representatives, that anybody can be a teacher and that they need not be trained or possess verifiable knowledge, credentials, license, certification or any other qualifications that have been the recognized standard for a century or so.

All they require is a rubber-stamping clerk obeying orders to sign off on an applicant’s claim that they at some point, in some form, have done something that in some way may have something to do with what they’ll be teaching.

“Teacher” is just another word for “human with a pulse.” A system has been put in place to ensure that well-prepared teachers are rapidly inactivated, forced by their own choice but dictated by circumstances beyond their control.

A poor job market, a hostile climate for veteran teachers, and rock-bottom pay are a “perfect storm” to guarantee default employment for recruits, including some otherwise dregs who would have been deemed ineligible but will now be re-classified as the cream of the crop of the shallow  talent pool.

These so-called teachers ( since in Arizona, calling them so, makes them so) , by coincidence rigged by match-making politicians and education bureaucrats, just happen to be available when nobody else wants to be. The inducement of dumped standards is irresistible.

Governor Doug Ducey would, of course, protest my characterization as selective truth taken out of context. He insists that the teachers will have had “relevant” experience in the real world that will function like proxy accreditation. But before he could explain exactly what will constitute “relevance” and how it will be uniformly standardized, he got pricked by a cactus and never finished his explanation.

Would a skydiver be sanctioned to teach the laws of physics because whilst in free-fall he got to know gravity first-hand?

 In  Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers,  Don Alhambra sings “When every one is somebody, then no one’s anybody!  That’s not true of the teaching profession where you must earn the distinction.

Except in Arizona!

Ron Isaac

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