Arizona governor wants some school funding to be performance based

Mar 5, 2013 by

PHOENIX – Arizona school funding may be based more on academic performance in the near future, under a plan promoted by Gov. Jan Brewer.

The governor’s bill – SB 1444 – would phase in a performance-based funding system over the next five years that would allocate state funds to public schools (including charter schools) based on student achievement and improvement, the East Valley Tribune reports.janbrewercut

Those elements would be measured on a 200-point scale already used by the state to issue schools A-F letter grades.

“All schools and districts earning a letter grade of C or higher would qualify for achievement funding, while only those that improve on their previous year’s score would receive improvement funding,” the news site reports.

“Of the $56 million the governor’s budget allocates for performance funding, $38 million would be new funding and $18 million would be reallocated from all districts and charter holders under a formula that works out to about $17 per student in the first year.”

Arizona Ready Education Council President Craig Barrett noted that the performance funding would only account for about 1 percent of education spending in year one of the plan.

“It’s easy to craft a lot of emotion about this,” Barrett told the East Valley Tribune. “But it’s a small percentage of the budget.”

The baby steps are still too much for the state’s teachers union and its allies to handle. The Arizona Education Association argues that Brewer’s plan would punish low-performing schools.

We presume the union is opposed to the plan because some of the money currently sent to schools would have to be earned through positive academic outcomes. It would force schools to constantly strive for excellence by pushing and engaging students to learn more.

Somehow union leaders think that’s a bad thing. We doubt very much that Arizona parents agree.

The bill has already been approved by the state Senate’s education and appropriations committees and is headed to the Senate rules committee.

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