Arkansas Supreme Court OKs Teacher – Student sexual relations…

Mar 30, 2012 by

Peter Stern – Whaaa???

Glad to see that Arkansas provides special educational opportunities for teachers and their students.

Insanely, the Arkansas Supreme Court overturned a law that prohibited teachers having sex with students, based on the determination that the Constitution gives students over 18 the right to engage in sexual activity with their teachers.

That decision should improve educational learning outcomes for our children. [sarcasm] Isn’t education having enough problems without approving this law?

What happened to teachers being held to a high level of professionalism?

With views like this one it is small wonder why the quality and level of education in Arkansas leaves the state at the bottom end of the list of all states.

What is next? That the law will favor sex between Psychiatrists and their patients? That should help the mental health industry and give a new meaning to the concept of paying by the hour.

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