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Arne Duncan Embraces Same-Sex Marriage

Introductory comments by Donna Garner:

Today Arne Duncan, U. S. Sect. of Education, endorsed same-sex marriage which is in direct violation of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a federal law duly passed by Congress.

What difference does it make that U. S. Sect. of Education Arne Duncan endorsed same-sex marriage?  It makes a great deal of difference because Duncan is in charge of our nation’s public schools – that means millions of our kids!  Because some 46 states have committed to teach public school students the Common Core Standards designed by the Obama administration, it makes a huge amount of difference what ideas will be implemented into the CCS curriculum and assessments. In fact, the very future of our nation’s children – their health and well being – will depend upon what ideas and values are planted in their minds throughout their years of public education.

Arne Duncan attempted to shore up Obama’s political base because of recent complaints by gay rights groups that Obama has not done enough to further the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) agenda.  Here is an article posted on 5.4.12 that has appeared widely across the country:

Please take the time to read the various articles that demonstrate how our country has been brought to the point where the very fabric of our entire society – marriage between one natural born husband and one natural born wife — is being threatened by Obama and his destructive agenda.

I have done the work to put these articles together to show how Obama’s LGBT agenda is enveloping our country. Now it takes you, the reader, to decide to read them and then to act upon them at the ballot box.

All of us must try to educate those people in our circle of influence about the dangerous and unhealthy sexual activities in which the LGBT community participates. We do not want our children being indoctrinated into this lifestyle by the Obama administration.  Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant right now, and we do not want to see them become even more prolific and destroy even more young lives.

According to the Centers for Disease Control:

“85 % of all HIV cases among young adults and adolescents were caused by homosexual activities and/or drug use…Among males diagnosed with HIV infection from 2005-2008, 70% were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact. The percentage of diagnosed HIV infections attributed to male-to-male sexual contact was even larger (85%) among males aged 13 to 24 years.” 

As Gary Bauer said today:

Obama supports same-sex marriage. In fact he supports every item on the gay-rights agenda. He’s pushed to overturn “don’t ask, don’t tell,” signed so-called hate crimes legislation and instructed his administration to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, which protects states’ right not to recognize same sex “marriages” performed in other states. He has extended domestic benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees. Obama has even made it clear that he opposes the marriage amendment that North Carolina’s voters will vote on in tomorrow’s primaries.

Donna Garner




May 7, 2012, 10:05 AM

Education Secretary Embraces Same-Sex Marriage


Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Monday became the third member of the Obama administration to embrace same-sex marriage publicly, a position at odds with that of the president, who has limited his support to civil unions for gay men and lesbians.

Mr. Duncan’s expression of support for same-sex marriage comes a day after Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. saidthat he was “absolutely comfortable” with such unions and was heartened by their growing acceptance across the country.

The forceful backing of same-sex marriage from members of the president’s cabinet is unusual because it has moved beyond Mr. Obama’s stated position: While he has said that his views are evolving, he has not backed same-sex marriage.

Private differences of opinion over policy are not uncommon within the White House, but their public airing by multiple officials certainly is.

At the beginning of an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mr. Duncan was asked if he believed that gay men and lesbians should be allowed to marry. “Yes, I do,” he replied. Mr. Duncan said that he had never been asked publicly before about the topic.

“Duncan speaking out is particularly important given his role as the nation’s top education official,” said Joe Solmonese, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay advocacy group. “There’s no doubt in my mind that the president shares these values, and that’s why it’s time for him to speak out in favor of marriage equality as well.”

Mr. Duncan joins Mr. Biden and Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan in supporting same-sex marriage to varying degrees. Their stance, and its public nature, is likely to put pressure on Mr. Obama to clarify his thinking on the subject, especially before the presidential election this fall.

In a conference call Monday morning with reporters, David Axelrod, a senior adviser to the president’s re-election campaign, said that the vice president’s comments were “entirely consistent with the president’s position.”

“Couples who are married, whether they are gay or heterosexual couples, are entitled to the very same rights or very same liberties,” Mr. Axelrod said.



Please read this article published on 12.16.08 which gives information about Obama’s choice of Arne Duncan to be the U. S. Secretary of Education.  Arne Duncan pushed for gay-themed high schools in Chicago when he was the Chicago Superintendent of Schools:

12.16.08: “Obama’s Pick for Education Secretary Pushed For Gay High School” —



Obama’s new pick for Education secretary is Arne Duncan, head of Chicago Public Schools. He’s been pushing for Chicago to start their first gay high school. Not kidding.

…Read below from The Chicago Tribune:

The Chicago Public Schools’ first high school designed for gay, lesbian and transgender teens is among 20 new schools recommended to the school board today by CPS Chief Arne Duncan.



The proposed schools range from technology-focused high schools to the School for Social Justice Pride Campus, which officials said would cater to but not focus exclusively on gay youth.



“Students Losing Their Right To Express Their Opinions”

by Donna Garner


Posted on:



On 9.21.11, FoxNews and other media highlighted an incident in the Ft. Worth School District in which a high-school student was suspended for expressing his opinion that homosexuality is wrong.  (I have posted the articles at the bottom of this e-mail.)


Also, the New York Post just published on 10.24.11 an article describing the bawdy sex education course that all middle-and high-school students in the city’s public schools will be required to take:


Here are excerpts from the NY Post that contain descriptions of what journalists found in the workbooks recommended for these sex education courses:


* Teens research a route from school to a clinic that provides birth control and STD tests, and write down its confidentiality policy.


* Kids ages 11 and 12 sort “risk cards” to rate the safety of various activities, including “intercourse using a condom and an oil-based lubricant,’’ mutual masturbation, French kissing, oral sex and anal sex.


* Teens are referred to resources such as Columbia University’s Web site Go Ask Alice, which explores topics like “doggie-style” and other positions, “sadomasochistic sex play,” phone sex, oral sex with braces, fetishes, porn stars, vibrators and bestiality.


How did we get to this point in America where our First Amendment rights are being shattered?


What I have attempted to do in this report is to piece together various articles that show the clear progression which has occurred in our country under the Obama administration.


The following articles provide sufficient documentation to prove that the Obama administration using its Common Core Standards (CCS) and the Administration’s own interpretation of Title IX is promoting the social justice agenda that includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) activities among our nation’s public school students.


Please scan through each article to track how this agenda is being implemented widely in the 45 states (and Washington, D. C.) that have committed to adopt the Common Core Standards.  Also, remember that the CCS only contains national standards for English and Math right now; but Science, Social Studies, and Health Education are presently in the development stage.

Toward the end of this compilation of articles and reports, I have posted the latest alarming data on the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STD’s among the LGBT population, particularly between the ages of 13 and 24 years.

“85 % of all HIV cases among young adults and adolescents were caused by homosexual activities and/or drug use…Among males diagnosed with HIV infection from 2005-2008, 70% were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact. The percentage of diagnosed HIV infections attributed to male-to-male sexual contact was even larger (85%) among males aged 13 to 24 years.” 


*It is possible that a few links in this report are no longer accessible, but they were when I wrote the original articles.



2.19.10 — Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings (homosexual, founder of Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network from 1995-2008) has let the cat out of the bag.  The Common Core Standards that are supposedly meant to raise the academic achievement of all our public school children are really a ploy to infuse social justice, diversity, multiculturalism, and social engineering (including the LGBT agenda), into our public school children’s lives. This is exactly why so many parents fear national standards, national tests, national curriculum, and a national database. According to this article, their fears are justified:


2.19.10 – “Bait and Switch on Common Core Standards” by Rick Hess:


Excerpts from this article:

So, imagine my [Rick Hess’s] surprise when I read this interview with Secretary Duncan’s anti-bullying chief Kevin Jennings in the February Phi Delta Kappan magazine…

Jennings elaborates, “Just as we have standards around academic goals, we need standards around school climate…And we need a data system so parents know what kind of environment a kid will encounter in a school.” Well, okay.

And then it gets weird. Phi Delta Kappan asks, “So, you want to include this in the Common Core standards?”

Jennings says, “Yes. If we don’t get this one right, the other ones don’t matter. Right now, they’re really focused on the academic standards. This one is much newer. We have to build understanding of the concept first.” He went on: “We’re not first up to bat, and I’m not troubled by that. The Common Core movement is right to start on the things where there’s already widespread agreement. We’re way down the road.”

Seriously? A high-ranking administration official is telling us that the common standards being financed by $350 million in Race to the Top funds “start” with academics but will eventually encompass “school climate” standards too? Jennings raises further red flags when he concedes that we have not determined “the definition of school climate,” though he says it “does not include air conditioning” but does include kids feeling “emotionally safe.” Maybe it’s my cynical streak, but that sounds like a summons to social agendas, culture clashes, and political fisticuffs. In other words, the stuff that sinks standards…


10.25.10 – “Help Stop Bullying, U. S. Tells Educators” – by Sam Dillon —


In a 10-page letter to be sent on Tuesday to thousands of school districts and colleges, the Department of Education urges the nation’s educators to ensure that they are complying with their responsibilities to prevent harassment, as laid out in federal laws…

The department issued the letter to clarify the legal responsibilities of the authorities in public schools and in colleges and universities under federal laws, the officials said. Certain forms of student bullying might violate federal anti-discrimination law.

“I am writing to remind you that some student misconduct that falls under a school’s anti-bullying policy also may trigger responsibilities under one or more of the federal anti-discrimination laws,” says the letter, signed by Russlynn H. Ali, assistant secretary for civil rights…



“Open Letter to Parents, Legislators, School Personnel:  Which Policy Are You Going To Promote?”

by Donna Garner



Parents, legislators, school personnel, and the public, you need to be gearing up to take a stand about the type of policies and curriculum school districts should promote to address the bullying issue because the Obama administration has co-opted this issue to drive its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender agenda right straight into every school in America.


On October 26, 2010, the U. S. Department of Education with homosexual Kevin Jennings in charge of the Safe and Drug-Free Schools initiative sent a 10-page LGBT-supportive document to “all public and private schools, colleges, and universities, including the country’s 15,000 school superintendents.”  This document threatens schools, K-16, with litigation and loss of federal funds if the schools do not promote and accept LGBT behavior.


Please read the details of this aggressive initiative as explained in my article “Bullying: An Agenda” posted on on 10.27.10:


Excerpts from my 10.17.10 article:

“…the Obama administration is deliberately taking the Title IX federal law and distorting the verbiage to include gender identity

Title IX does not include gender identity; it says that harassment based on race, color, national origin, sex, or disability violates the federal civil rights laws.  The Obama administration, however, has taken it upon themselves to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender under the word “sex.”

Now the Obama administration is threatening public school educators with the USDOE’s misinterpretation of the Title IX law and making educators fear prosecution unless they promote the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) lifestyle as normal.

Yes, all students should be taught to treat others with dignity; and bullying is a terrible problem.  But forcing students to accept a perverse lifestyle that leads students into sexually transmitted diseases and early death is not something that schools should be advocating.   


Tolerance is a good thing to teach students, but educators should not be intimidated into forcing students to accept perversity.”



I have listed two approaches that schools can decide to take.  Which approach should legislators and schools develop to address the bullying issue?  Which approach would be fair and healthy for all students?



(1)  The first is my recommendation.


(2) The second recommendation comes from Thomas Schanding, an assistant professor at the University of Houston who chairs the National Association of School Psychologists’ Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (GLBTQ) committee.  His approach is explained in an article in the 11.6.10 Houston Chronicle (link posted below my recommendations).



(1)  Recommendation from Donna Garner:


On 10.28.10, the Washington Times carried an article that explained the various types of anti-bullying laws being considered and/or passed across the country:

Here is the anti-bullying law that the D. C. council is considering:  “…place special emphasis on gender-related characteristics, including gender, sexual orientation, gender expressions and gender identity…[examples enumerated by Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN).”

This is what Missouri has passed:




“Each district’s antibullying policy shall be founded on the assumption that all students need a safe learning environment. Policies shall treat students equally and shall not contain specific lists of protected classes of students who are to receive special treatment. Policies may include age-appropriate differences for schools based on the grade levels at the school. Each such policy shall contain a statement of the consequences of bullying [including] cyberbullying, e-mails as acts of bullying, intimidation and harassment.”


If parents really care about their children, they must get highly involved with their local school districts to fight off the LGBT pressure and intimidation of the U. S. Department of Education.


To do this, parents are going to need alternatives that they can present to their local school districts that would help to diminish the anti-bullying problems that definitely are occuring among students.


As alternatives to curriculum proposed by the LGBT organizations, I encourage schools to develop their own curriculum utilizing:



(1) the True Tolerance website ( ) which is full of good ideas and information.



(2) the Scott & White Worth the Wait® sex education curriculum ( ).  Yes, S&W teaches teen abstinence;  but it also contains many student activities that emphasize healthy personal relationships.



Several years ago, I was the writer/researcher for the S&W program; and each of the four notebooks (Grades 6, 7, 8, and High School) begins with an emphasis not on sex education but on establishing healthy personal relationships based upon positive personal character traits.


Accepts personal responsibility, does not make excuses

Admits her/his mistakes

Associates with positive people

Avoids gossip

Avoids negative influences

Controls his/her temper

Does not make fun of or pick on others

Does not manipulate others

Does not whine, complain, or argue

Does the right thing

Encourages others

Enjoys challenges

Exhibits self-control

Gets along well with others

Is a faithful and true friend

Is assertive

Is cautious

Is cooperative

Is flexible

Is happy and content

Is honest, does not lie or cheat

Is humble

Is kind

Is not jealous or envious

Is not loud and crude

Is patient

Is polite

Is punctual

Is sincere

Is willing to learn

Keeps promises

Listens to and respects others

Obeys the rules

Plans ahead, does not procrastinate

Shares with others, not selfish

Shows empathy for others

Shows good judgment and common sense

Strives for excellence

Takes advice humbly

Takes constructive criticism well and learns from it

Thinks before speaking or acting

Tries to be a peacemaker

Values his/her family

Works hard

Is not argumentative


In other words, the foundation for the S&W program is to help students to value other people and to honor their personhood. This is exactly the kind of curriculum schools should present to help prevent bullying.


The activities found in S&W help students to recognize each person’s uniqueness and to treat others with dignity and worth.  The activities help students to learn to identify positive personal character traits in others and then to learn ways to infuse those traits into their own lives.


Because the units are stand-alone, educators are free to pick and choose the age-appropriate activities that emphasize strong, healthy relationships.  The activities are fun, and they increase students’ abilities to communicate effectively with one another.



If parents (and the public) are going to go to their school officials and object to the USDOE’s push to get all students to accept LGBT activities as normal, parents must be able to offer alternatives to school officials.  I hope that the above-mentioned alternatives will equip parents (and the public) with the ideas and materials they need to build a strong defense for their children.



(2)  LGBT proponent and professor, Thomas Schanding, and his unhealthy recommendation  — 11.6.10, Houston Chronicle:



“ ‘Safe Sex’ —  You Have To Be Kidding”

by Donna Garner



For those of us who have taught school and worked with young people all our adult lives, we know how impulsive and irresponsible teens can be.


How many of us truly believe that young people in the heat of passion are going to take the time to go through all of the following steps (posted below) to use condoms consistently and correctly?


In fact, how many of us adults would go through all of these steps ourselves to use condoms consistently and correctly?


Another question we need to ask is how many “condom” babies are there among our married friends and acquaintances?  I know of many married couples who tried not to get pregnant, used condoms, and ended up with precious little babies. Whoops!  I guess this is where we get the statistic that says that condoms are only effective against pregnancy 85% of the time.


The big problem that condom-pushers do not want to mention is that condoms do not protect against many sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).


Patricia Sulak, M. D. has stated, “As an obstetrician-gynecologist, professor, and contraceptive researcher, I know firsthand the high failure rate of condoms.  The NIH [National Institutes of Health] has stated that condoms do not protect against most STDs including HPV, herpes, and chlamydia.”


At best, condoms only protect against HIV 85% of the time which leaves 15% of the time when they are not effective; and the 85% statistic only holds true when people have used condoms correctly and consistently.


How many of us would fly on an airplane if the pilot announced that he only crashes 15% of the time?

This is the unequivocal message we adults need to be sending teens:  Abstinence is 100% effective against STD’s and pregnancy.



7.15.09 — ACT AGAINST AIDS CAMPAIGN — U. S. Centers for Disease Control


To use a male condom correctly

  • Put the condom on the tip of the erect penis with the rolled side out before the penis comes into contact with the genitals, mouth, or anus.
  • If the condom does not have a reservoir tip, pinch the tip, leaving a half-inch space for semen to collect.
  • Holding the tip, unroll the condom all the way to the base of the erect penis.
  • After ejaculation and before the penis gets soft, hold the rim of the condom and carefully withdraw.
  • Gently pull the condom off the penis, making sure that semen doesn’t spill out.
  • Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash where others won’t handle it.
  • If you feel the condom break at any point during sexual activity, stop immediately, withdraw, remove the broken condom, and put on a new condom.
  • Ensure that adequate lubrication is used during vaginal and anal sex.
  • Use water-based lubricants such as K-Y Jelly™, Astroglide™, AquaLube™, and glycerin.
  • Oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, shortening, mineral oil, massage oils, body lotions, and cooking oil should not be used because they can weaken latex, causing the condom to break or tear.
  • Use a new condom for every act of anal, vaginal, and oral sex—from start to finish.

To use a female condom correctly

  • Put lubricant on the outside of the closed end.
  • Squeeze together the sides of the inner ring of the condom and insert it into the vagina like a tampon.
  • With your finger, push the inner ring into the vagina as far as it will go.
  • The inner ring will stay in place, kind of like a diaphragm.
  • Pull out your finger, allowing the outer ring to stay outside the vagina.
  • Guide the penis into the condom.
  • Pull out gently.
  • Remove the condom before standing up.



Please go to my article entitled “What Is the Centers for Disease Control?”

( published on 10.23.10 in which I lay out the disturbing data on the increase of HIV among young men ages 13 to 24 years:


From 2005-2008…Most (74%) diagnoses of HIV infection in adults and adolescents were in males. Among males diagnosed with HIV infection from 2005-2008, 70% were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact. The percentage of diagnosed HIV infections attributed to male-to-male sexual contact was even larger (85%) among males aged 13 to 24 years. 


Please read “Fed to schools: Law requires actions against bullying” published on 10.26.10:


Excerpts from this article:

The U.S. Department of Education is issuing guidance to school officials today (October 26), reminding them that federal law requires schools to take action against bullying—including gender-based and sexual harassment of LGBT students.


This is the first time the department has detailed the responsibilities educators have to protect LGBT students against such harassment, which is forbidden by Title IX and enforced by the department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Title IX prohibits discrimination “based on sex” in federally funded programs…


The 10 pages of guidance make clear that, although current laws enforced by OCR do not explicitly address harassment based on sexual orientation, they do prohibit sexual harassment and gender-based harassment directed at LGBT students or those perceived to be…


Tuesday’s guidance is being issued in the form of a “Dear Colleague” letter from Ali to administrators at all public and private schools, colleges, and universities, including the country’s 15,000 school superintendents. It reminds them of their obligations to protect students from discrimination based on sex (Title IX), race, color, or national origin (Title VI), and disability (Section 504 and Title II), all statutes enforced by OCR.


The Department also plans to hold workshops around the country in early 2011 to train educators about their obligations and the resources available to help them.


Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (OSDFS) at the Department of Education, said at the press briefing that they would also be conducting a grassroots campaign to inform educators and others through community-based groups and the Web site


If schools violate the anti-discrimination laws enforced by OCR, said Ali, the Department could withdraw all federal funds or place conditions upon them. She noted, however, that the Department has not done so with any school district in the last decade, for any type of civil rights violation, “because they usually come into compliance during negotiation.”


She also noted that the Department has not received any complaints in recent years on LGBT harassment. But Jennings suggested the lack of complaints may have been “because people have not seen federal authorities as a receptive audience” and because of the lack of a federal civil rights law that includes sexual orientation.


…The Department also announced October 4 the awarding of $36 million in grants to 11 states from a new Safe and Supportive Schools program. The states must survey students, family, and staff about school safety issues, including bullying, and direct grant money at the problems where students say there is the biggest need.


It has also worked with HHS on a Stop Bullying Now campaign that is being expanded from middle school students to elementary school students.


And early next year, the White House plans to host a conference to raise awareness about bullying and harassment and share resources for students, parents, educators, and others.


Two bills in Congress, however, seek to provide greater protection for LGBT students, beyond bullying that is based on sexual harassment or gender stereotyping. The Student Nondiscrimination Act (SNDA) would prohibit discrimination—including harassment—on the basis of real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in any program receiving federal funds. The Safe Schools Improvement Act (SSIA) would require schools receiving federal funds to implement and report on LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying programs. Versions of both bills are still pending in House and Senate committees.


…Jennings said the new guidance was the first step to letting people know that, “in this administration, we plan to apply the letter of the law to the fullest extent of the law in order to extend the greatest level of protections humanly possible to LGBT students.”




Sure enough, the U.S. Justice Department went into a high school in Silver Spring, MD on Tuesday, 1.04.11, and told the students, “If you have been targeted for harassment or bullying because of your sexual orientation, because of your gender identity or expression, or simply because your classmates see you as different, I am here to tell you that the Civil Rights Division will not stand for it.”  (,  1.05.11).

This should not surprise us.  Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Safe and Drug-Free Schools, is an avowed homosexual and founder of Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).  He is promoting homosexuality in K-12 schools under the guise of the “bullying” curriculum:

1.5.11 – “Bullied at School for Being Gay? The U.S. Justice Department ‘Won’t Stand for It,’ High School Students Told” —< /b>


School Boards Group Questions U.S. Guidance on Bullying

By Mark Walsh on December 15, 2010 10:02 AM

Excerpts from this article:

The general counsel of the National School Boards Association is warning the U.S. Department of Education that recent federal guidance to schools on bullying and harassment expands the standard of liability for school officials and “will invite misguided litigation.”

“The expansive position on what conduct constitutes ‘harassment’ protected by federal civil rights laws and what remedial measures are legally required will unnecessarily complicate investigations and possibly expose school districts to liability beyond that envisioned by the Supreme Court,” says the Dec. 7 letter from Francisco M. Negron Jr., NSBA’s top lawyer, to Charles P. Rose, the Education Department’s general counsel.

Negron stresses in the letter that the NSBA shares the Education Department’s interest in reducing bullying and harassment in schools. But he cites several concerns about the Oct. 27 “Dear Colleague” letter that went out from Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Russlynn Ali…

In the October guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, Ali said certain peer harassment in schools based on sex-role stereotyping or religious differences may amount to violations of existing federal civil rights laws. (Education Week had this story.)

Negron said the OCR letter “significantly expands” the standard of liability for schools over peer harassment beyond the standard established by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 1999 case, Davis v. Monroe County Board of EducationIn that case, the court said schools could only be held liable for peer sexual harassment when they had “actual knowledge” of the harassment, and the activity was so “severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive” that it effectively barred the victim’s access to an educational program or benefit.

By contrast, the OCR letter, Negron asserts, potentially would hold a school district liable for harassment about which “it knows or should have known,” and covers harassment that is “severe, pervasive, or persistent” and that merely “interferes” with or limits participation in an educational program. Each prong of OCR’s guidance softens the Davis standard, Negron said.

Negron raises several other concerns about the OCR letter. The letter states that school districts are required to eliminate harassment and the hostile environment it creates, and to prevent it from recurring. But the Supreme Court’s Davis decision explicitly rejected the idea that schools must “remedy” peer harassment, Negron said.

Negron also says the OCR letter only “minimally” recognizes the First Amendment free speech rights of students and fails to recognize the constitutional limitations on school districts’ ability to discipline students for protected speech.

Negron called on the Education Department it issue a document clarifying that schools must operate under multiple local, state, and federal legal requirements on harassment and bullying…

Please go to the full article that I wrote on 7.30.10 entitled “What Is the Centers for Disease Control?”


Excerpts from this article:


…It is no secret; the medical data is clear.  Male-to-male sex is what is spreading HIV/AIDS, and to me the following is one of the most worrisome statistics:

From 2005-2008…Most (74%) diagnoses of HIV infection in adults and adolescents were in males. Among males diagnosed with HIV infection from 2005-2008, 70% were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact. The percentage of diagnosed HIV infections attributed to male-to-male sexual contact was even larger (85%) among males aged 13 to 24 years.”



…To find out for yourself what the CDC’s medical data shows, please follow these directions:


Please click on the following site: ( ).



These slides cover HIV Surveillance in Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) and have been updated with information from the “2008 HIV Surveillance Report: Diagnoses of HIV Infection and AIDS in the United States and Dependent Areas.”



From 2005-2008, an estimated total of 161,795 adults and adolescents were diagnosed with HIV infection in the 37 states and 5 U.S. dependent areas with confidential name-based HIV infection reporting since at least January 2005.


Most (74%) diagnoses of HIV infection in adults and adolescents were in males.


Among males diagnosed with HIV infection from 2005-2008, 70% were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact.


The percentage of diagnosed HIV infections attributed to male-to-male sexual contact was even larger (85%) among males aged 13 to 24 years.



…The report is called “Epidemiology of HIV Infection” and can be found at the following link:



Through numerous slides, this report graphically shows that HIV is being spread by:


72 % — male-to-male (MSM) sexual contact

9 %  – injection drug use

4 %  – male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use

Conclusion:  85 % of all HIV cases among young adults and adolescents were caused by homosexual activities and/or drug use.


…It is the CDC’s latest figures that led to the 9.23.10 Reuters report saying that 1 in 5 gay, bisexual men in US cities has HIV…

I believe it is actually everybody’s business what homosexuals and/or drug users choose to do in the privacy of their bedrooms because we taxpayers get left paying for their STD’s and drug treatments.  Sixty-five per cent of all HIV cases are from people who are homosexuals and/or drug users. (Source: Centers for Disease Control)


Also, those STD’s can and do get transmitted to other innocent people such as wives.  I have two long-time friends whose husbands were involved in bisexual relationships.  Both of these faithful wives have been left FOR LIFE with STD’s that they got from their husbands. Both of them had no idea that their husbands were bisexual and were involved in perverse relationships.  Both of these women have had to have serious surgeries within this last year because of the STD’s that were transmitted to them by their bisexual husbands.


I have not even mentioned other STD’s besides HIV/AIDS such as viral hepatitis.  In 2006,  nearly 1 in 10 men diagnosed with hepatitis A reported engaging in homosexual behavior.


Other STD’s that are transmitted throughout the gay population are urethral Chlamydia and gonorrhea.


In one year, the rate of fluoroquinolone-resistant gonorrhea increased from 29% to 39% among men who have sex with men (MSM).


The number of new syphilis cases, driven by gay and bisexual men, has doubled in recent years in such places as Los Angeles County and San Francisco.  Men who have sex with men (MSM) accounted for approximately 64% of the reported cases of P&S syphilis in the United States during 2006.  (Source: Centers for Disease Control)


I also have not mentioned the prevalence of tuberculosis that is spread among homosexuals who have HIV/AIDS.  They contract TB and other diseases because their immune system has been compromised by the HIV/AIDS.


TB and many other diseases are contagious, and we in the general population are put at risk by what homosexuals and/or drug users do in the privacy of their bedrooms.


Now the homosexual movement is pressuring the Red Cross to change their blood collection policies because gay men have been banned from giving blood since 1985.  The gays say this is “discriminatory.” If the gays win their “social justice” argument and are allowed to pollute our blood supply with their STD’s, then the chances of an innocent person contracting an STD “for life” from a homosexual will be greatly increased.


Also, there is the matter of cost.  Please be sure to study this link ( ) where it shows how much per patient we taxpayers spend on HIV compared to other conditions such as cardiovascular conditions and cancer.



…In fact, it is not a stretch to say that we might have had more breakthroughs on solving cancer, heart, diabetes, prostate, and Alzheimer’s if the NIH had not spent so much time and money on HIV/AIDS research.


Yes, it actually does matter to the rest of us whatever people do in the privacy of their bedrooms.




7.1.11 (Last Modified: September 23, 2010)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  HIV among Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)




10.17.11 — The 2010 U. S. Census found that the population in the U. S. is 308,745,538.  If there are 1,300,000 same-sex individuals who make up 650,000 same-sex couples, what percentage of people in the total population make up same-sex couples?  Here is the answer:


1,300,000 / 308,745538 = 0.42 %





6.29.11 — Please read these excerpts from an article published on 6.29.11 about the Ft. Worth ISD and how it has set a new anti-bullying policy to align with the overreach of the Obama administration’s interpretation of Title IX:


FORT WORTH — The Fort Worth school district has expanded its anti-bullying policy to protect students who express themselves — including their sexuality — in nontraditional ways, a move that gay-rights advocates say is positive and progressive.

The amended anti-harassment policy now includes “gender identity and expression” protection for students and was approved without discussion by trustees Tuesday. The school district is believed to be the first in the state to adopt such a policy

Not everyone supports such policies, saying they tear down traditional family values. Pat Carlson, president of the conservative Texas Eagle Forum and a Fort Worth resident, said the goal seems to be to confuse children on sexuality and gender roles.

“I have to wonder, Where does this stop?” Carlson said. “What about those students that are Christian students … and there is a boy that comes dressed as a girl? Wouldn’t that create an offensive environment for those Christian students? Where is their protection?”

Barbara Williams, a spokeswoman with the Texas Association of School Boards, said a quick search found several school districts that prohibit bullying or discrimination based on sexual orientation, but none that address gender identity.

Sarah Warbelow, state legislative director for the national Human Rights Campaign, said she was also unaware of any Texas district having such an expanded policy

The policy change comes months after Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns gained national attention for an anti-bullying speech he delivered in council chambers, and after U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said schools that fail to address the bullying of gay students could lose federal dollars





Ft. Worth ISD Student Suspended for Saying Gay Is Wrong

Published : Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011, 4:48 PM CD

Adapted for Web by Tracy DeLatte |

FORT WORTH, Texas – A Fort Worth high school student was sent to the principal’s office earlier this week for telling another classmate he believes homosexuality is wrong.

Fourteen-year-old Dakota Ary spent most of the day Tuesday serving an in-school suspension. It was punishment for discussion in his German class at Fort Worth’s Western Hills High School.

“We were talking about religions in Germany. I said, ‘I’m a Christian. I think being a homosexual is wrong,’” he said. “It wasn’t directed to anyone except my friend who was sitting behind me. I guess [the teacher] heard me. He started yelling. He told me he was going to write me an infraction and send me to the office.”

An assistant principal called Ary’s mother at work to let her know he was in trouble.

“At first I was in disbelief. My son is on the honor roll with great grades. I don’t have any problems out of him,” Holly Pope said.

After hearing Ary’s explanation of what happened, the assistant principal reduced the original suspension from two days to one. But Pope was not satisfied with that.

“He was stating an opinion. He has a right to do that. They punished him for it,” she said.

Attorney Matt Krause joined Ary and his mom at a Wednesday morning meeting with the principal. They asked for the blemish to be taken off his record and reassurance there would be no retaliation.

“Students don’t lose their first amendment rights just because they go in the schoolhouse door,” Krause said.

District spokesman Clint Bond said the Fort Worth Independent School District does not comment on specific employee or student-related issues.

“We are following district policy in our review of the circumstances and any resolution will likewise be in accordance with district policy,” Bond said.

If Ary continues taking German he’ll have to learn from the same teacher who punished him. His mom is relying on faith that things will work out.

“I want to believe the school will make the right decision. That’s something the school will need to handle,” she said.

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