Artificial Intelligence & Humans: Can they Coexist?

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Artificial Intelligence is the duplication of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. It includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction. AI focuses on learning, building, and creating intelligent machines which will lessen the human burden. With the enhancement of technology and lack of time, Artificial Intelligence has been a boon to humankind.

We are living in a sphere full of science and robotics, like self-driving cars, housekeeping robots, and even chatbots like Google Home or Alexa. This is just the outset of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies have and will always remain on the rise. At this time, there are several examples of AI and humans working in a well-balanced way and creating wonderful assets for the human race. A lot of manual work which was initially done by humans is now being handled by computers and robots. Kai-Fu-Lee, the developer of the world’s first continuous speech recognition system, said that “AI is serendipity; it would liberate us from routine jobs”. The only question that arises here is, Will Robots replace entire human workforces or just most of them?

Coming to the answer, robots cannot replace entire workforces but they will definitely join it with humans. The artificially intelligent robots will share the work with humans, which will help us save a lot of time. But these robots need human assistance to function properly otherwise they would do the same tasks monotonously.

Machines are coinciding with humans in many possible ways. In this world of internet and technology, we directly or indirectly depend on Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

Today, we are using a lot of AI-indulged technologies like Siri, Alexa, Boxever, Cogito, Pandora, and Next. These virtual assistants allow humans to get everything done with voice commands and thus everything occurs with ease. These also reduce human loneliness and the constant need to have somebody around. Artificial Intelligence systems are high-level machine learning software with extraordinary behavioral algorithms that adapt themselves according to our likes and dislikes.

Let us now look at some exciting developments where AI has given us some awesome results-


This area consists of a large amount of data in many forms, be it scientists’ research analysis or doctor’s reports on patients. Work is being done on creating algorithms in the form of an embedded chip which can be implanted into a human brain. This chip will receive the image, transmit it to the brain through eyes, validate it with data available on the internet and will help a sight-defected person to see it as the normal eye does. There has been tremendous growth in the field of medicines using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Smart Weather Forecasting

AI and its technologies have helped us in getting accurate weather and climate forecasts. With the help of AI, we have come up with tools which help in observing and analyzing complex climate data. This has helped in lessening the gap in understanding the climatic conditions. Being aware of the weather conditions, people can prepare themselves before the destruction occurs and can follow the required preventive measures.

Next Generation Disaster Response

AI has appropriately established its capability in analyzing smart disaster responses and providing real-time data for disasters and weather events. This technique came into the picture after California saw a major loss of land and population in 2017, due to wildfires. This made AI experts realize the importance of disaster analysis that could help avoid hazards like these.

Zero Error Scope

The best thing about AI is that it is error-free. Industries generally leave a room for human error because it is obvious to see its presence in manual human labor. This is what organizations have to deal with and it also puts complications in the development and advancement of new technologies.

Eliminates the Need of Humans to Perform Tiresome Tasks

AI can also be considered as a blessing to humanity given the fact that it emancipates humans and allows them to perform tasks in which they are perfect. Machines excel in taking care of bulky tasks and this leaves sufficient room for humans to work on more productive tasks.

There have been different views on AI- both positive as well as negative. Most of these views came into existence from science- fiction movies or TV shows like Terminator, The Rise of the Machines and so on. There are many amazing technologies where AI has come forward. It includes Face Recognition, Data Classification, etc. Drones are used by the military and they are able to make the “kill decision” autonomously. Military systems are prone to attacks and hacking and thus AI has helped in efficient cybersecurity. With the help of AI-enabled tools, web security systems can record the pattern of cyber-strikes and develop counter-strike tools to tackle them. That is something familiar to Skynet.

Today’s growth in AI draws a parallel theme to Skynet, but that does not state its ruling powers to the human race.

After reading the above achievements of Artificial Intelligence, we can say that it is here to stay and is already beginning to disrupt us like never before. One key challenge that we face here is lack of knowledge and information about this technology which can result in some disastrous outcomes.

A quote from Ray Kurzweil, an American futurist, an author of non-fiction The Singularity is Near, and ‘The restless genius” by the Wall Street Journal, sums up this article very well. “Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by 2029. Out of all his 146 predictions he has given since 1990, the accuracy rate is 86 percent. In a recent conference, he predicted that technological prediction will happen sometime in the next 30 years. By the year 2029, AI will pass a valid Turing test and therefore achieve human levels of intelligence.

It will no longer be the battle between “man vs machine” but it will be“man with machines”. We have already seen the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in our lives in leaps.

Artificial Intelligence has made its way through the technologies and is going to shine. You can also excel in this technology by learning various courses on Artificial Intelligence available online.

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