As LA Unified preps $7.4 billion budget, pensions, not enrollment declines, are ‘eating up’ costs, study says

Jun 20, 2018 by

By Esmeralda Fabián Romero | LA School Report

To plug a budget hole without increasing class sizes, LA Unified will cut or reassign nearly 500 positions. But fewer than 70 people will actually lose their jobs.

Those are highlights of the new $7.4 billion budget, which will be presented to the public next Tuesday and approved by the school board the same day. The budget is slightly lower than last year’s, which was $7.5 billion.

“The 15 percent in central office reduction has to be solid in order to keep reductions as far away as possible from school sites,” Scott Price, the district’s chief financial officer, said during a Monday briefing of the 2018-19 budget for members of the news media.

He said there will be no class size increases or cuts to programs, but the district’s central office personnel and some school site positions will have to shrink within the next six months. The majority of them, 490, will be reassigned with the same salary, while 34 will be reassigned to a lower-paid position, and 67 people will be separated or laid off.

A list of the classified positions being impacted can be found here on page 340.

The total number of district employees this year is 60,240.

This move could save nearly $86 million, said Price, who reiterated that the district continues to face a structural deficit.

The district must adopt a new budget on or before June 30. The board was supposed to conduct a hearing of it at this Tuesday’s meeting but ran out of time, eliciting complaints from parents. Now the budget has to be presented for consideration and voted on for final approval next Tuesday.

Source: As LA Unified preps $7.4 billion budget, pensions, not enrollment declines, are ‘eating up’ costs, study says – Daily News

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