As the world changes, Christian educators must innovate

Feb 27, 2019 by

Approximately 1,100 Christian educators from around the world attended the recent Global Christian School Leadership Summit held in San Antonio, Texas.Teacher teaching Bible

Lynn Swaner of the Association of Christian Schools International chaired the second biennial summit held January 30 – February 1. This year’s event, she reports, focused on innovation because of all the changes in education in the past few decades.


“[We looked at] things like technology, but also [at] market changes, social changes and cultural changes,” she shares. “And the summit attendees came together to ask the question: How do we position Christian schools to develop the best answers to those big questions in education?”

Swaner says many of the major issues and trends that Christian schools grapple with are the same ones public and secular schools confront.

“But of course because we are Christian schools, we believe that God gives us the wisdom and the ability to provide those great answers to those questions and really the best education to our students,” she tells OneNewsNow.

The Christian Post reports there was also a panel which focused on hybrid and online learning.

Source: As the world changes, Christian educators must innovate

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