My Asperger’s makes living with other students a struggle

Jul 27, 2015 by


I can’t cope with my flatmates’ untidiness and I want to stick to my own routines

Starting university is a big step for everyone, but for me it was a little more daunting as I have Asperger’s syndrome. The National Autistic Society (NAS) describes the condition as a “hidden disability” because you can’t tell from someone’s appearance that they have it.

The main symptoms of the condition, which is a form of autism, are problems with social communication, interaction and imagination. Some common characteristics include a love of routines, having special interests and sensory difficulties.

Asperger’s made living with other students a challenge during my first year at university, which I have just completed. Because some of the most common problems associated with Asperger’s are related to socialisation, meeting new people and making friends was extremely difficult.

Source: My Asperger’s makes living with other students a struggle | Education | The Guardian

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