Assault on Baylor University by Feds

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“Assault on Baylor University by Feds”

By Donna Garner



An assault by the federal government against Baylor University’s Constitutional right to freedom of religion is an assault upon us all.


On 7.31.16, the Waco Tribune-Herald in discussing the Office of Civil Rights and the Pepper Hamilton Law Firm’s charges against Baylor University stated: “The sexual assault scandal…also found a problem with a bedrock of the school’s faith-based education: a student conduct code banning alcohol, drugs and premarital sex that may have driven some victims into silence.”


All Americans should be very troubled over the targeting of Baylor University’s Student Conduct Code by the Office of Civil Rights working in conjunction with the Pepper Hamilton Law Firm. Their clear intent is to blame the Student Conduct Code for supposedly silencing the “rape victims” because of their being afraid to report the assaults and being subject to discipline themselves.  


Baylor University is a private, Christian university.  It has the right and responsibility to base its moorings upon Biblical principles. The Student Conduct Code is meant to help Baylor students to “…be guided by the biblical understanding that human sexuality is a gift from God and that physical sexual intimacy is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity. Thus, it is expected that Baylor students, faculty and staff will engage in behaviors consistent with this understanding of human sexuality (May 15, 2015).”


For a Student Code of Conduct to be effective with students, it must have provisions that clearly explain the consequences that will ensue if the Code is broken through lack of personal responsibility; and those consequences must be allowed to be levied against the students involved.   


Basically what the Office of Civil Rights and Pepper Hamilton have done is to blame the Student Code of Conduct instead of holding students personally responsible for their choices.


So far as I can tell, perhaps all of the “sexual assault” cases brought forward under Title IX at Baylor University have involved drinking and/or drugs.  Alcohol and/or drugs impact the inhibitions of the brain (i.e., good judgment) of students; and when used by them, seem to be the common factors involved in nearly all of the “rape cases.” 


The “he said…she said” scenario is all too common in these cases.  If the individuals involved had never put themselves into these situations where drinking and/or drugs were involved, the “rapes” would most likely never have occurred.   


What this should tell any logical-thinking person is that the best way to avoid most rapes (not all cases – not the violent rapes by criminal rapists) is to avoid drinking and/or using drugs.


Baylor University (and any other private university) must be free to hold students personally responsible for their behavior; and this includes sexual intimacy outside marriage, drinking, and/or drugs.


Of course, when such sexual assaults occur, loving and helpful counseling must be offered; and illegal activities must be reported to the law enforcement agencies with the proper criminal punishments to follow.




The federal government led by Obama and his misinterpretation of Title IX in his Dear Colleague letters must not be allowed to bully and intimidate our nation, vilifying personal responsibility and enshrining victimization as the popular go-to position.  


The misinterpretations of Title IX in Obama’s Dear Colleague letters have not passed through Congress and are not laws.


Americans must not allow themselves to be bullied and intimidated by the Obama administration into compliance with its social justice agenda edicts that are destroying the moral fiber of our nation.   


5.13.16 —


4.4.11 —


10.26.10 —  [Title IX as written states that there must not be discrimination against people based upon their race, color, national origin, disability, or sex (i.e., male or female).  In 10.26.10, the Obama administration arbitrarily extrapolated the word “sex” to mean gender identity. It is this misinterpretation by the Obama administration – never voted on by Congress — that has brought about the transgender bathroom debacle.]  

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