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TAMPA – Assistant Principal, K.L. Herald, never intended to work in the field of education. It wasn’t until an educator noticed her uncanny knack to connect with children that her talents were guided into the local school system.

In just 8 short years, K.L. Herald went from being a budding classroom teacher to one of the youngest Assistant Principals in her district. By diversifying her teaching and leadership style, her progressive approach has shifted the mindset of her fellow educators which allows them to take ownership of their invaluable impact on students’ lives. Her ability to connect and motivate others has extended beyond the school system and into the surrounding community.

Her recently published book The Lesson Plan: An Educator’s Inspiration, explores the landscape of K.L. Herald’s journey in today’s ever changing field of academia. In roles as a Dropout Prevention Specialist and Assistant Principal for Student Affairs and Curriculum, K.L. worked hand-in-hand with students, teachers and parents.

Herald stated in a recent interview, “I have observed countless opportunities to advance student success that were consistently being overlooked. I began to question if my role as an educator was convincing students of all the possibilities their future had to offer. As an educator, was I taking pride in my profession? Was I truly embracing my role to impact the lives of others? My story is told through my experience as an educator. The more I began to question my own influence, the more I began to recognize that many adults were no longer dreaming and working to pursue those dreams.  The Lesson Plan explains how educators can find the resources within to pursue their goals. Creating an excitement for educators instantly transfers that same enthusiasm into their students and co-workers.”

The Lesson Plan offers up a dose actionable plans for teachers that draw out the intrinsic value in relationship building with their students.  Herald has also set the tone by launching a leadership organization that illustrates strategies, accomplishments, and provisions to support the field of education and introduce others to the many possibilities that surface through higher learning.

K.L. Herald is set to launch a 15 city book tour across the southeast starting in late July.
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