Attorney: Homeschoolers target of ‘surveillance age’

Nov 21, 2015 by

Bob Kellogg –

An attorney for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association says a Wisconsin school district had no legal right to send a letter to homeschool parents that requested the names of their children.

The district stated that the Wisconsin Department of Health Services needed the information for immunization records. HSLDA attorney Scott Woodruff says state statute doesn’t give the schools the authority to collect such information.

“In this case, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services kind of stepped out of bounds by creating mandates related to immunization information for private schools that the legislature never authorized,” he explains.

He says many homeschool parents are rightly concerned about giving over information that they’re not required to.

“We live in an age that’s been called the surveillance age, and people are rightly concerned about how much information the government is gathering on us and what they could do or might do with that,” he says. “And so when a family wants to protect details about their family information, I think that’s a totally okay thing.”

He says the only thing homeschool parents are required to do is to submit an annual report of enrollment with the Department of Public Instruction. They don’t have to apply or request permission to homeschool their children, he adds.

Source: Attorney: Homeschoolers target of ‘surveillance age’

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