Attorney: School board must follow homeschooling laws

Jul 12, 2018 by

law booksA public school board in Virginia is demanding documents from a homeschooling family and now attorneys have sued to protect the family from the demands.

Home School Legal Defense Association is representing the Sosebee family after the Franklin County School Board adopted a policy that forbids home instruction unless the school receives birth certificates and proof of residence.

But state law does not require those documents, contends HSLDA, and hence the school board is out of bounds to demand them.

HSLDA not only advises homeschooling families of their legal rights, and represents them in court, but the organization stays up to date on homeschooling laws in all 50 states.

“We were very surprised when this policy came down,” says attorney Peter Kamakawiwoole, “and when the school district persisted in demanding that homeschool families provide this information.”

The reason to fight the school district’s demands, he says, is because if Franklin County can flaunt state law and demand those documents, they can easily demand even more information from homeschooling families.

Source: Attorney: School board must follow homeschooling laws

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