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10.29.19 – Austin American-Statesman

“Austin school district approves revised sex ed curriculum”

By Katie Hall and Aaricka Washington

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  The decision last night to approve egregious, debased, and perverse sex education curriculum for Austin ISD students Grades 3 – 12 is a terrible blight on the AISD administration, school board, School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), and anyone else who helped this curriculum go forward.  

AISD parents are allowed to OPT OUT (instead of OPT IN) their children which means that every child who comes from parents WHO DO NOT SUBMIT AN OPT-OUT FORM will be subjected to this indoctrination into early sexual activity and the LGBTQ lifestyle.

The problem is that with the adoption of this deplorable sex education curriculum, the environment at each school and in each classroom will become saturated with the pro-abortions, pro-contraceptives, and pro-LGBTQ agenda; and parents will not be able to opt their children out of that constant, daily, hourly pounding of this erroneous dogma into their brains.

If parents can take their children and run from AISD as fast as they can, then they need to do it now.

The best option is for parents to home school children themselves or work with other friends and neighbors to share the responsibilities of teaching the homeschool curriculum as a group.  Fabulous home school curriculum is available at an inexpensive price.  If parents cannot do that, then they need to seek out private schools, alternative school districts, and charter schools.

Any sacrifice that parents need to make is better than watching their children’s minds being completely taken over by the lies and peer-group pressure that could well end up destroying their lives forever.

The most important thing AISD voters and taxpayers can do is to put footsteps to their concerns.

They need to attend every SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee) meeting. They need to ask to be placed as a member on the SHAC.  

They need to testify and be present at every AISD school board meeting.

They need to vote out each person on the AISD school board who voted for this despicable sex education curriculum.  They need to do whatever they can to drive AISD Supt. Paul Cruz and his cohorts out of their positions because they have lost the public trust.  

Whenever possible, the concerned citizens of Austin  should mount a public relations campaign to name the names of the people and organizations  who are behind this destructive agenda (e.g., Texas Freedom Network, Planned Parenthood, SEICUS, Human Rights Campaign, etc.).  Shining a light upon their perverse efforts will alert the other taxpayers/voters to the truth. 

The worst thing the Austin public can do is “to go to sleep,” accept this new and sick agenda as being normal, and allow their children’s lives to be scarred forever.

According to solid data, “children still rely upon parents or caregivers to provide emotional support and set limits, both of which are linked to positive adolescent development.” Today’s children are still looking to their parents and/or family members to lead them as they maneuver through the adolescent years.  They are listening and watching those adults around them; teens need and actually want definite direction.]


10.29.19 — “Austin school district approves revised sex ed curriculum”

Austin school district trustees early Tuesday unanimously approved a new sex education curriculum that, for the first time, will teach elementary students lessons on sexual orientation, gender identity and sexually transmitted diseases.

For more than a year, district administrators, parents, community members and advocacy groups grappled with what to teach elementary and middle school students…

“There’s no doubt that the topic of sex education in public schools elicits strong reactions,” board member Kristin Ashy said to a room filled with people after listening to over three hours of public comment Monday night. “Tonight offers itself as an example of these reactions.”

Ashy said that, as a parent of two children in the school district, she will eventually decide whether her children should participate in this curriculum or whether they will opt out.

“I am thankful to be part of a district that provides parents with options,” she said.

The board vote came just after midnight, after more than 100 parents and communities voiced their opinions on the issue, the majority who opposed the curriculum. Hundreds of people arrived at the school district’s headquarters on West Sixth Street, with a line that snaked around the building.

As members of the conservative religious advocacy group Texas Values expressed their opposition during an afternoon news conference, protesters who supported the curriculum interrupted them with music, kazoos, megaphones and chants. Naomi Wilson, who stood in front of the Texas Values speakers and chanted “black trans lives matter,” was arrested by Austin district police and charged with trespassing before the meeting began. Wilson was scheduled to speak during the general comment portion of the board meeting.

“I think people on both sides of this craziness out here are sensationalizing what this is about,” said parent Matt Pennies, who opposes the curriculum and pulled his son out of the Austin school district because of it, though his three daughters still attend schools in the district. “I get the sensitivities around the LGBT issues. I tried to say this, but I was drowned out by the chaos — even in a strictly heterosexual context, this content is just so aggressive. It’s just so much, so soon.”

…District trustees in Februrary first approved of Human Sexuality and Responsibility scope and sequence, which laid out the topics that would be taught for students in grades three through eight.

In the summer, third through eighth grade lessons were available for public review and feedback, revised and recommended by the School Health Advisory Council. But many parents complained the district did a poor job in allowing parents communicating over the curriculum and little chance to weigh in, particularly after last-hour changes were made to the middle school curriculum.

The district had to scrap plans for its middle school curriculum after the Legislature passed a law prohibiting local governments from doing business with abortion providers or their affiliates. While administrators had written their own elementary sex education curriculum, they opted to use middle school lessons developed by the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. Administrators had to start over in the creation of new middle school lessons.

District administrators wrote lessons and found free resources online. They faced backlash from some parents and Texas Values, which published a blog post on Sept. 24 saying that the district could face legal repercussions since it had used Canadian abortion providers as sources. At the meeting, Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz said his organization believed the district’s curriculum was not in step with the law, and will explore legal avenues against the district if the board adopted the curriculum.

Kathy Ryan, the district’s director of academics, said that the district does not have any legal concerns because they did not contract with, nor did they take donations from the Canadian abortion providers that they used. Ryan said that the online resources were free.

Elementary school teachers will be trained on the curriculum starting in January. Middle school principals will be trained on the curriculum in March and then will review the training with campus science teachers. Between March and April, principals will have meetings with families to discuss the new curriculum, which is scheduled to be taught in May.

Parents may opt their children out of one, multiple, or all the lessons…

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