Australian universities are under threat from more attractive, cheaper Chinese competitors – China power

Aug 16, 2018 by

Australia has turned its universities into degree factories, so it’s no surprise that China — the factory of the world — is starting to demonstrate it can do tertiary education just as well, if not better.

In the YouTube video the young man browses Chinese-language books in a library, practices Chinese calligraphy with careful brushstrokes, introduces himself in Mandarin.

He is 20 years old from southern Sumatra in Indonesia, enrolled at Wuxi Institute of Technology outside Shanghai. He admits learning Mandarin is difficult, but points out it’s now the world’s most-used language, with English relegated to second place.

Other Indonesians studying in China, in other YouTube videos, likewise demonstrate a cultural attraction to the country, emphasising the richness of China’s past, its fast-modernising present, and its hyperpower future.

One Indonesian student remarks how much traditional Chinese architecture remains in Chinese cities: China’s culture is still “murni”, or pure, she says.

Another remarks bluntly that China is now “lebih maju”, more developed, than Europe, a leader in “teknologi”.

Study here, another claims, and you and your country can “bangkit”, or awaken, as China has.

Chinese culture, Indonesians note, treats education with great seriousness. One student translates a Chinese expression for “early to sleep, early to rise” into Indonesian, “tidur cepat, bangun cepat” — then adds to it “belajar cepat”, quick to study.

Others remark on the “semangat” or spirit, of learning on Chinese campuses, remarking how university libraries are filled with students even on weekends.

Australia has much invested in its ability to attract large numbers of young Asians for tertiary study. The income they bring is increasingly how Australia’s university sector is financed.

Australian institutions want to start drawing more young people from other rising Asian nations, especially India and the ASEAN states: populous, demographically young, and with rapidly expanding middle-classes, they constitute tantalising 21st century markets.

Yet there is increasingly sharp regional competition for where those students choose to study — from China.

Source: Australian universities are under threat from more attractive, cheaper Chinese competitors – China power – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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