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Avoid Mistakes During Flowering Stage

Oct 8, 2018 by

When growing cannabis, there are many stages involved before you obtain your final product. These stages take a specific duration. This depends on the size of the cannabis plant you want to grow. Additionally, it will help you know the quality of your produce. According to Best Pot, the stages involved in growing marijuana include;

  • Germination

This stage takes around two weeks. It is where you plant your seed and wait for it to grow.

  • Seedling

This stage takes around three weeks. It is where the plant becomes a seedling and develops the cannabis leaves.

  • Vegetative

This stage takes around eight weeks depending on the size of the plant. It is where the growth of the plant truly takes off.

  • Flowering

This stage takes about six to eight weeks. Bud flowering occurs as the plant receives a minimum amount of sunlight. It is also where the development of resinous or sticky buds takes place.

  • Harvesting

This is the final stage of growth of the marijuana plant. It is where the plant is ready for harvest.

But, while growing the cannabis plant, there are some common mistakes which people make during flowering time. For instance, some may forget that their plants need to be looked after.  This gets to interfere with the growth of their plant.

Not taking care of your plant during the flowering stage affects the cannabis flower. Additionally, it also affects the effectiveness of the buds. However, there are various techniques you can use to avoid making mistakes during the first signs of budding. They will help you generate quality yields. Below are some flowering stage tips you can apply to get quality produce.

Observe plants pollinating

Male plants, hermies, pollinate the female plants.  Male cannabis plants come in two forms. They can either be male pollen sacs growing among flowers or a ‘yellow banana’ hermie signature.  You need to keep an eye and check for pollen sacs or ‘yellow bananas’ growing among the buds. Male weed plants grow pollen sacs which spill pollen. The pollen spilled pollinates the buds thus causing then to grow seeds. The female plant can also turn ‘hermie’ and grow pollen sacs which pollinate the buds. When you spot pollen sacs growing among the weed plant budding, remove them. This will help you to prevent uncontrolled pollination. You can also contemplate removing the whole plant if necessary. Seedy buds may develop and you do not want such a situation. If the growth of pollen sacs among the buds is huge, do remove the whole plant.

How to set lights for growing

Many people may ask how long does flowering stage take. The flowering stage, as stated earlier, takes about six to eight weeks. It is where the buds begin to form. But, this depends on the amount of sunlight your plant receives. Additionally, it depends on the type of weed strain you are growing as well as the yield you will like to produce. When you grow weed indoors, you may not realize that they are growing towards the direction of sunlight. Try and keep a barricade of space between the light and the plants. Ensure your plants are swapped to the flowering stage before they grow a size beyond the normal one.

pH management and nutrients

The most common problem for the cannabis plant is lack of enough pH in the roots. This affects the successful growth of many plants. Hence, you need to check and ensure that the pH levels are neutral. Poor pH management can cause the flowering weed leaves to wrinkle and curl. There may also be some nutrient deficiencies. Plants do not absorb nutrients when the pH levels are high or low. Thus, you need to check and monitor the pH level. You can obtain a pH kit and use it to supply optimum pH to the roots of your plants. The plants will hence be able to absorb all the nutrients they need. The buds can now grow well. 

Plant smelling

One of the means and methods you can stay furtive or quiet while growing marijuana is not letting other people know much about it. Do not tell anyone how your garden looks like, how it smells, or what you grow in it. There are some weed plants which release a stinky scent in their vegetative stage. However, most plants produce strong scents while in the flowering stage. To prevent such odor from evading, get some supplies which will help prevent the smell from escaping.

At what level to keep humidity

The humidity levels in the flowering stage need to be below 50%. This will help prevent mold. If there is high humidity, the cannabis plant may pull excess water through the leaves thus increasing the likelihood of mold. This happens mostly in fat buds. You may think that your plants are okay but they are not. Always keep your humidity levels below 50%. Do not keep it high till the last days of the cannabis flowering stages with a dehumidifier. The plants get stressed and as a result, the production of resin increases.

When to water plants

It is important you water your plants before you get to the harvesting stage. This will help percolate or filter out any extra nutrients. If your growing your cannabis in the soil, water it for about two weeks. If you are growing it on coco, water it for a week. And, if you are growing in hydro, water it for a few days. Watering the plant will also help enhance the final taste and smell of the buds.

Curing buds

After watering your plants for a while, they will be ready for harvesting. In the harvesting stage, the plants are cut down. You need to trim their leaves and leave them to dry. They can be laid on a board, hang on a string or spread on a surface or a net. Once they dry, place them in an airtight jar and leave them in a dark room. You can open the jar and shove the buds to ensure you do not smell or see mold. The buds also need to feel dry. Do it often. You can do it for around 4 months. Be guaranteed you will get quality product.

In conclusion, there are various stages a weed plant undergoes before yielding a good product. However, there are some common mistakes weed growers make which interferes with the outcome of their produce. You need to embrace the flowering stage week by week to ensure you produce quality weed. For instance, a weed grower may not give their plants enough sunlight or humidity. But, they can avoid these mistakes through the techniques discussed above.

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