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Mystery of the White Knight (The World of Sir Kaye Stories Book 1) by [Don M. Winn]

Mystery of the White Knight
by Don M. Winn
Illustrated by Dave Allred


Award-winning children’s book author Don M. Winn is making his short children’s novella, Mystery of the White Knight available for free to Kindle users on from November 2–November 6, 2020. The book is approximately 44 pages long and intended for children in and around the third grade. The story is a companion volume to Winn’s four-book Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series for middle readers and like that series, it is also set in the fictional medieval land of Knox. The story features thirteen-year-old Beau, a character from the Sir Kaye series, but this time he is off on a short adventure of his own, long before the events of the Sir Kaye series take place.

The Story: Beau just moved to the country of Knox with his aunt, the new queen. Neither of them is impressed with their new home. The castle is practically a garbage dump, none of the nobles like the new young queen, the knights of Knox are unreliable and unchivalrous, and now a mysterious White Knight is terrorizing the countryside, burning villages, and ruining fields and wells. The people of Knox blame the queen for this and some even say that they need a different ruler. Then one day Beau discovers a frightened little boy named Bobbin hiding in the royal stables, who claims he just escaped from a kidnapper he calls the White Knight. Could it be the White Knight? Why on earth would he want to kidnap stinky little Bobbin? Beau must get Bobbin safely home and solve the mystery of the White Knight before it costs the queen her throne.

Don M. Winn is best known as the author of the award-winning middle grade children’s book series Sir Kaye, the Boy Knight, which follows the adventures of Kaye, a twelve-year-old knight, and his two best friends, Reggie and Beau. Through the course of their adventures, they learn valuable lessons about chivalry, loyalty, and friendship. One notable aspect of the stories is that the boys solve their problems through hard work and using their wits instead of relying on superpowers. Mr. Winn says he did this because although he definitely enjoys a good superhero story, he also “wanted to model real-life ways to solve problems” for his young readers, because most of them (like Mr. Winn, much to his regret) do not have superpowers. Another special feature of the stories is that one of the main characters is dyslexic, and readers can see him grow and overcome his self-doubts and fears to realize his strength of character and purpose in a way that is particularly empowering for young readers who might also have dyslexia.

Don M. Winn is a multiple award-winning childrens author of thirteen picture books and the Sir Kaye the Boy Knight® series of novels for independent readers. As a dyslexia advocate and a dyslexic himself, he frequently addresses parents and educators on how to maximize the value of shared reading time and help dyslexic and other struggling readers to learn to love to read. Winn lives and writes in Round Rock, Texas.

Winn’s first nonfiction book, Raising a Child with Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs to Know is also available from and other online sellers in softcover, hardcover, ebook and audio book formats.

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