B.C. school districts in hiring crunch, face teachers shortage

Aug 23, 2017 by

Help wanted. With two weeks left before the school year starts, hundreds of teaching positions are still vacant in more than 30 school districts across B.C.

About 171 full-time jobs still need to be filled by September in Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, Osoyoos, Fort St. John, Prince George and other districts, according to Make a Future, the recruitment arm of the B.C. Public School Employers Association. The vacancies are highest in the north, where 48 positions are yet to be filled, followed by Metro Vancouver with 36.

Glen Hansman, president of the B.C. Teachers Federation, said the hiring crunch is a result of the B.C. Supreme Court decision last fall, which required districts to hire an additional 3,000 teachers in order to fulfil class-size and composition requirements.

“Because of all the new jobs created by the Supreme Court decision, the supply of teachers is less than what is needed by the job postings out there,” said Hansman.

Across the province there are more than 400 job openings for teachers, including part-time and on-call positions. Districts are looking for teachers who can teach a gamut of classes, ranging from math and science to fine arts, computers, French Immersion and special education.

Source: B.C. school districts in hiring crunch, face teachers shortage | Vancouver Sun

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